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NAME: UNIVERSITY: COURSE: Origins of the American ‘Revolution’ AMERICAN REVOLUTION There was a major change or cataclysm occurred in the politics of the United States during the end half of the 18th century. There was a time when different well known scholars concluded that the reason behind this revolution was economy/economics and class conflicts…
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Download file to see previous pages For this cause, the American Revolutionary War took place in 1775 and ended in 1783. It was also called by the name of the American War of Independence. “The war was the completion stage of the political American Revolution whereas the colonists had denied the rights of the Parliament of Great Britain in governing them without any representation. In 1775, revolutionaries had gained control of the thirteen colonial governments.” ("The American Revolutionary War") However, this revolutionary war somehow ended up in a global war where many nations and a few European giants fought against each other. Hence to sum it up, “The American Revolution ended two centuries of British rule for most of the North American colonies and created the modern United States of America. The Revolutionary era was both exhilarating and disturbing---a time of progress for some, dislocation for others.” ("The American Revolution") THE CONVENTIONAL VIEW OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION “The significance of this point is that it contradicts a conventional view of American civilization as something transplanted more or less whole from across the Atlantic- ‘the providential history’ of the United States.” (Schultz, 572). ...
It was now believed that those who were in power did not have any idea about the intensity of the situation and thus failed to comprehend and take charge resulting in a major setback for the British. The reason behind this uncertainty is considered to be the lack of faith which the British had in themselves. They were still doubtful whether they could win this battle or not. “Britain's policy drove them toward a closer union with one another and finally provoked armed resistance.” (Murrin, 182) One should not forget that the British were in a far better position as compared to the Americans who neither had an army, navy or any experience in war. They were raw people who did not have the experience but their courage, valor and patriotism distinguished them and made them a major threat against the all powerful British. A term “spirit of 76” is commonly referred for all Americans for the bravery and love for land they executed throughout the war which lasted for almost eight years. They not only served their land but suffered terribly as well but despite all the hardships and brutality they faced, the Americans had the urge to emerge and bring about a change for the sake of their future generations. Thus the unjust rules and political dictatorship that was demonstrated by the British helped united a nation on a consolidated platform. It was the first time in the history that people vowed together against the unjust and rose for the sake of acquiring their basic international principles which are similar for all humans irrespective of cast, creed or culture such as constitutional rights, power and freedom. The oppression that was faced by the Americans and the way they were deprived from their rights and moreover their identity acted as a game changer for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ORIGINS OF THE AMERICAN 'REVOLUTION' Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“ORIGINS OF THE AMERICAN 'REVOLUTION' Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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