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Describe the interplay between British actions&colonial responses that led up to the American Revolutionary War. Whydidn't war erupt in the ten years prior to 1775 Once independent, what central issue did the new US face&how did they deal with it - Essay Example

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This paper looks at the scenes that developed the revolution war that led to America’s independence in 1776 and the successive events that followed. In particular, this article does look at the events that made the war to begin, scenarios that made the war stall for nearly 20…
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Describe the interplay between British actions&colonial responses that led up to the American Revolutionary War. Whydidnt war erupt in the ten years prior to 1775 Once independent, what central issue did the new US face&how did they deal with it
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"Describe the interplay between British actions&colonial responses that led up to the American Revolutionary War. Whydidn't war erupt in the ten years prior to 1775 Once independent, what central issue did the new US face&how did they deal with it"

Download file to see previous pages s mostly were taxed based, example the Stamp and Townshend Acts in 1765 and 1767 respectively tried to tap colonial business by requiring authorized stamps on transactions. Though it led to protest the British masters did repeal it in 1766 to quell the protesters but they did try to find a way to finance their troops and governance inside the colony but they never succeeded. Years of increasingly virulent protests forced England to repeal the taxes in 1771. The passing of a new Tea Act in December 1773, made a group of Boston activists dump 342 casks of English tea into Boston Harbor. This led to the English parliament passing a series of "Coercive Acts" to weaken the colonial Massachusetts government and close the port of Boston to control the hostilities. This was a call to war as the protest and tensions led to beginning of the war in April 1775.
There are reasons why the revolutionary war did and could not start at before the time it did. These included; the battle of the French and the colonials during 1750-1765, the French had formed alliance with the Native American Indians to drive out the English Americans from the vast continent of North America. In response, the English Americans turned to the parent nation England for support in the war. Soon as France was defeated and a treaty signed in Paris for the French to leave North America, the British took control of all over America and imposed taxes to sustain their activities in the colony.
The drafting of the supreme constitution was a priority and though different states had their own governance structures they had to merge and ratify to adapt the main one constitution of whole of America. They did settle on a presidential form of governance and George Washington became the first president in 1790 after ratification of the constitution. In addition, they did want to abolish slavery in Americas` states. Vermont abolished slavery in 1777 when it confirmed its own independence from New York. Pennsylvania ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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