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Evolution of Gender Norms - Essay Example

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The role of women and position has been changing as a result of several issues that were solved through liberation. From a humble and oppressed background beginning in the 1800s, women have been faced by serious challenges…
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Evolution of Gender Norms
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Download file to see previous pages The first wave of liberation, which has been named feminism led to the allowance of women to vote. The success, however, was not achieved in all the other demands. The start of the industrial revolution led to discrimination based on sex, and despite the role accomplished by the women in the earlier slavery struggles, they were not allowed to assume offices. They were given positions that did not require decision making. The mistreating and discrimination based on sex resulted in the creation of and start of second liberation. The second liberation started in the 1960s addressed issues relating to employment discrimination and other social injustices that were not addressed in the earlier revolution. The urge for second liberation was brought about by the discriminatory laws passed by their male counterpart that barred discrimination in the basis of race originality, religion, color and not sex. This law did not address the feminine problems thereby forcing women to start lobbying, for recognition and change of laws to cover them against discrimination. The resultant effect of their liberation was the inclusion of sex in the anti-discrimination law. The women's liberation movements were marked by the struggle against certain issues that needed to be addressed. Despite their involvement in the liberation wars and the Second World War, women were not respected in the society leading to the creation of the new approach in the fight for their right. Minority groups worked with them in the process of liberation. Several issues were highlighted as the major reasons for the liberation movement. Among the conspicuous ones are; equity, employment inequalities, freedom of choice and the ability to vote in the elections. The liberation movement witnessed in America was marked with several issues but the main focus of the liberation movement was the protection and development of women rights. The challenge of the liberation was the role of women in the society and the changing trends in the development of the various issues including change in marriage. In addition, the involvement of women in the social issues contributed to the increased awareness of the need for freedom (Davis, 1999, p. 135). Several authors have written articles based on personal experience and events that caused or propelled women liberation movement. Several events affected the speed and effectiveness of women liberation movement. These events include the Second World War, the tradition and culture of the different races. The liberation movement and trends The Victorian era was marked with several discrepancies, especially the rights of women. The women of that time were not allowed to own property, sue, and did not have suffrage rights. The Victorian England was distinguished by a strict social hierarchy (Drewnowski & Specter, 2003, p. 14). The explanation of the complicated nature of class social system is depicted by the position of the governesses. Additionally they were expected to participate in the labor as paid workforce during the era following the industrial revolution. Beginning after the industrial revolution in 1948, the revolution did face several changes and challenges. Women's liberation started as a result of the discussion in a small friendly meeting, where Elizabeth Stanton wrote the eighteen injustices facing women, resulting in the start of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evolution of Gender Norms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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