As you sit down on the bus, you notice that John Locke, Edmund Burke and Karl Marx are having a discussion about the proper role - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Discussions by John Locke, Edmund Burke and Karl Marx on the role of the state The discussions between John Locke, Edmund Burke and Karl Mark focused on the role of state with each person highlighting on his views in regard to the role of government…
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As you sit down on the bus, you notice that John Locke, Edmund Burke and Karl Marx are having a discussion about the proper role
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"As you sit down on the bus, you notice that John Locke, Edmund Burke and Karl Marx are having a discussion about the proper role"

Download file to see previous pages Instead, John Locke in the discussion with the Edmund Burke and Karl Marx revolves around an insistence on accommodating divergent views. John Locke, believes in the perception of moral truths considered to result in a strong political implication. In a focus on toleration, John Locke highlights on the division of state and the church since it is not possible for the state to force moral behavior (Norman 68). The separation, would lead to free speech because of individuals exercising free thought. The separation according to Locke, needs to be absolute in terms of the state only focusing on civil concernments. The power by the state according to John Locke, should only focus on the outward force. However, religion provides an inward persuasion related to individual’s mind. On the other hand, the state’s actions in relation to imprisonment, confiscating estates or torments cannot manipulate the inward judgment of individual’s world views. Locke reiterates that, understanding the truth needs a volitional interaction between reality and a person’s mind. In essence, Locke in the discussion, asserts the need to separate the government or state force and the mind. In addition since the volitional relationship only exist between one’s mind and the reality, then, it means the political leaders have no authority to compel their opinions or thoughts on other people (Norman 72). As explained by John Locke, the state should exist to protect the rights of its citizens, but not to compel public morality. In regard to civil government, John Locke asserts that, the political power denotes the privilege of enacting laws that are supported through a threat of force. However, it is impossible to provide evidence of a person’s right to political power as a result of one’s lineage or ancestry. The formation of government through ancestry or following a lineage result in a draconian rule and in turn, exacerbate civil disorder(Norman 74). An alternative means is important in choosing political leaders and should focus on understanding men’s relationships with one another prior to the establishment of a government. The relationship, should focus the state of nature since, within a state of nature, every man that possess free will or reason has an independent mind and by implication, is also politically equal and independent. Locke suggests that, being endowed with similar faculties and co-existing in the same community of nature, then issues of subordination that result in the destruction of one another, should not exist. While contrasting individual’s state in relation to nature, John Locke also highlights on the war that may arise because of disobeying the law of nature. These state of war, is a threat to the lives of persons on whom it has been imposed and results in the need to exercise self-defense. Locke further suggests that, men often focus in establishing a civil society by voluntarily, relinquishing their personal right to defend themselves against the established public authority. This often occurs as a result of searching for a mutual protection of individual’s liberties and property (Norman 78). As a result, the laws related to the state emanate from individuals consent to the establishment of a government authority. As maintained by Locke, the appropriate functions of the law involves establishing , but not limiting individual freedom since, the state does not exist to limit freedoms related to the rational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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As You Sit down on the Bus, You Notice That John Locke, Edmund Burke Essay.
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