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American History - 'Reconstruction succeeded in reintegrating the union, but the attempt to grand civil rights to the country - Essay Example

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Name of student: Topic: Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Introduction The civil war which was the deadliest in American history left the South smashed thus the post-war period was that of Reconstruction. The main aim of this Reconstruction was to bring the confederate states back to the union and to punish those had engaged in the rebellion…
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American History - Reconstruction succeeded in reintegrating the union, but the attempt to grand civil rights to the country
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American History - 'Reconstruction succeeded in reintegrating the union, but the attempt to grand civil rights to the country

Download file to see previous pages... The presidents that assumed office thereafter continued with the same trend though they were more sympathetic to the white South. The Republican Radicals were not happy with the presidential Reconstructions hence decided to take over the mandate themselves through the congress. Although congressional Reconstruction was moderate it managed to secure some civil and political rights for the blacks especially through the push of Republican Radicals. The issue of most contention during this period was the social rights which most of the Americans believed should be earned through hard work and not through legislations. In the end, the question that needs to be answered is; were Reconstruction goals achieved? This paper will argue that although Reconstruction succeeded in reintegrating the union, the attempt to grant civil rights to the country’s black population was already lost by 1877. This is because although Black rights were afforded through the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the US constitution and the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875, much of it was reversed by the Jim Crow laws with the blessing of the Supreme Court. The terror groups such as Ku Klux Klan, Red Shirts and White League also did not give opportunity to the blacks to enjoy their rights. This was further worsened by the union of Northerners and Southerners at the expense of black rights. 100 years after the end of slavery, racial inequality still persisted and continues to haunt Americans to date. Abraham Lincoln in his inaugural speech stated clearly his plans for Reconstruction of the South even before the war had ended. By 1863, the confederates had already accepted defeat and were waiting to be reprimanded by the Union. However, civil the war ended in 1865. Lincolns Reconstruction was very moderate and lenient. In December 1863 he made a proclamation of amnesty and Reconstruction granting pardon to those who took oath to support the constitution of United States and the Union of states.1 He also established provisional governments which were to be under executive control. The only individuals exempted from amnesty were those who aided in the rebellion especially confederate army and navy. Conspicuously missing in oath-taking, voting and holding office in the new governments were the blacks. This is despite his declaration that “the restoration of Rebel states to the union must rest upon the principle of civil and political equality of both races”.2 This clearly indicates that the intention of Reconstruction from onset was the unity of the union while the black rights were relegated to the background. The emancipation proclamation of 1863 freeing all slaves had given hope to the blacks that their condition would improve but this was just rhetoric. According to Kenneth Stamp a great historian, Lincolns hope was to persuade a great mass of blacks to leave the country although his views had changed by 1865 when he was assassinated. By this time, he believed blacks could become integral part of American life.3 He faced his death due to his insistence on abolition of slavery especially in the south. After him came Andrew Johnson in 1865. The reign of Johnson was filled with many gains as well as losses. Many Republicans had high hopes that he would deliver the promise of racial equality and punish the rebel states. His hatred for the South planter class was apparent and in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American History reconstruction
It began with President Lincoln’s affirmative actions for a race-blind, equal and reunited America. While Lincoln took a more lenient and tolerant course to end slavery and reuniting the South, the Radical Republicans opposed it on the ground that Lincoln reconstruction plan had freed the slaves without paying much attention to establishing their socio-political, economic and other rights.
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The American Civil Rights Movement
The movement’s main form of resistance was civil disobedience which was supported by acts of nonviolent protest including sit-ins in Greensboro (1960), and marches, such as, those from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. This scenario induced a situation of the crisis between the authorities and the Civil Rights activists.
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The Nature of Reconstruction in African American History

The author states that the majority of the slave population in America, at that time, consisted of African Americans. Their community was the one deeply involved and mostly affected by the war. African Americans participated in huge numbers in the war as soldiers either enslaved by the confederate rulers or as loyalists to the Northern states.

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The American Revolution, Civil War and Reconstruction
Established under the principles of human equality, the practice is quite debatable upon analysis of American history. The plights of different sections of the American society went through dynamic changes, enjoying periods of positive outlook followed by reversal of gains made in terms of rights, liberties and economic opportunities (Cobbs-Hofman and Gjerde 454).
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Civil War and Reconstruction
The abolitionist North’s decided victory in the Civil War further boosted up the country’s clear constitutional and legal stance against slavery. But the defeated South was not ready for an overnight end to slavery, though both constitutionally and legally it was abolished in country.
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African american civil rights movement
The present paper will present how the African Americans experienced inequality during the Civil rights movement. They have experienced the failure of reconstruction as they continuously felt how the Whites are aggressive towards them with violence.The Whites were violent towards them to prevent them from voting, to experience desegregation in the school division between the Whites and Blacks, and to be given lesser opportunities for work.
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In 1935, long after Reconstruction had ended, civil rights activist W. E. B. Du Bois asserted that the attempt to make black
The North being the stronger of the two in terms of economic and military endowment won the war. The South was destroyed and thus the period that followed was that of Reconstruction which gave hope to the African-Americans of gaining citizenship and equal rights.
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History The American Civil War
inally such power conflict led to one of the greatest bloodbaths in the American history that still casts is its impact over the common people of the nation. Adoption of the Articles of Confederation had a great role to play in paving the path towards the mass destruction that
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Civil war and American Reconstruction

This paper tells that the reconstruction was a success in that it helped address a number of fundamental issues that affected the American society chief of which included the fate of African Americans as free citizens and the unification of the nation. Some people see it as a failure since it was characterized by corruption, racial discrimination, and misgovernment.

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The Era of Reconstruction in American History and its Aftermath
The achievement of citizenship for the former aliens followed a series of constitutional amendments. In 1865, the Congress proposed an amendment to the
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