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American Independence Forced Founders - Essay Example

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This essay declares that there were many reasons why Virginia’s chose independence among them being political and economic gains. The economic gain is seen to have been the primary driving force for the independence, it is evident that there was more than meet the eye…
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American Independence Forced Founders
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"American Independence Forced Founders"

Download file to see previous pages From this discussion it is clear that there is a relationship between business and politics. In order to survive businesswise, there is a tendency by the involved party to play politics in order to have a bigger share of the market. For instance, when Jefferson applied for western grants, the Cherokee Indians played some politics by negotiating a treaty with the British government in order to retain every acre that Jefferson claimed.This paper discusses that the Hard Labor treaty that aimed at despairing Virginia land owners was politically counteracted by some powerful planters such as Patrick Henry who bought 3,334 acres of land on the Holston and Clinch Rivers from his father-in-law. Although the move was seen as an entrepreneurial one, Henry’s intention was to distort the cutoff of the land with intentions of shifting the boundaries beyond his land.  Slightly after independence, there were disputes between squatters and influential persons such as Washington, who blamed the squatters for invading the land in the forbidden one. In this regard, it is apparent that Virginia’s chose independence not primarily because of economic gains but rather because of political gains. This is why such influential persons did not allow squatters to own land. Their intentions were to have vast lands that would allow them control the landless. If the intention of independence was for economic gains, then the land ought to have been distributed equally to everyone in order for everyone to benefit equally....
If the intention of independence was for economic gains, then the land ought to have been distributed equally to everyone in order for everyone to benefit equally. Eventually, the farmers who settled in most parts of the land were evicted by someone who secured title after the repeal of the proclamation of 1763. In fact, farmers were firmly opposed to the 1963 proclamation, since it prevented them from securing clear title (Holton, 1999). In light of this, it is clear that politics played a key role in such ordeals. This is arguably true because after independence, it took long before repealing the 1793 proclamation that prevented farmers in securing titles. The repeal caught the farmers unaware where only a few wealthy persons secured titles thus leaving many farmers landless. This is the game of politics as influential persons apply double standards such as retaining the 1763 proclamation to bar people from obtaining titles only to repeal it when a few people have already acquired titles. In one occasion, when John Murray became the governor, he began rewarding veterans with land. Basically, issuing of bounty patents is a clear indication that the choosing of Virginia’s independence was not primarily for economic purposes. Issuing of grants to veterans would have influential support for politicians. Although the veterans would utilize the land in an economic way, the motive behind issuing of the land in politically instigated. In fact, issuing land to veterans would act as a gift and is taken as an asset instead of a means of production. Therefore, very little farming would take place. In another dimension, many influential persons in Virginia pushed for Virginia’s independence to evade paying mounting depts. According ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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