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Causes of the Cold War - Essay Example

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Name: School: Topic: CAUSES OF THE COLD WAR Lecturer: CAUSES OF THE COLD WAR Introduction State of national supremacy has existed in different forms and premises in world history. In many instances, countries do different things and use different methodologies to stamp their authorities and gain supremacy over others…
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Causes of the Cold War
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"Causes of the Cold War"

Download file to see previous pages It is not surprising that Walsh (2001) notes that most of the world’s major wars were fought during this time. In this essay, focus is placed on the Cold War as a 20th century that had several causative components including ideological, security, and personality. The various means by which ideology, security needs and personality caused the Cold War are analyzed with emphasis on how these causes brought about a state of satisfaction for the parties involved in the war. Ideological Causes of the Cold War In the totality of it, Walsh (2001) describes the Cold War as an ideological war between the United States and the USSR. This is because in his opinion, the most predominant factor that would bring about the war was ideological differences and mutual mistrust. Facts have it that the two major ideological philosophies that caused the war was capitalism against communism. Historians and government reviewers from who Walsh (2001) made reference to in his book have outlined that capitalism and communism are the two most contrasting political ideologies. Because of the differences, there was generally suspicion and mistrust between the two major parties identified as United States and USSR. This is because whereas capitalism gives credence to private ownership, communism gives emphasis to government controlled ownership of property. The need for the West, led by the United States to stop the possible spread of communism therefore had to take a unilateral decision backed by the application of brutal military forces to stop the situation. Security Needs and the Cold War In Stalin’s speech of 1941, Walsh (2001) identifies a sense of urgency that was surrounding security for the USSR. The preceding incident that will bring this situation about is three major wars that the USSR had suffered at the hands of other nations, predominantly from the West. Giving statistical antecedents to these warfare attacks, Walsh names the World War I, World War II and the Russian War as wars that exposed USSR to invasion, leading to the death of millions of Russians. In the estimation of Stalin, the best form to ensure security for state USSR was to ensure that there was less aggression on its Western border and that there were enough friendly allies with whom Russia would surround itself with. This led to the creation of the Iron Curtain, which was on the other hand considered to be a security threat in the eyes of the West, particularly United States. As a way of pulling down the Iron Curtain, more and more blood will be shed, and thus the Cold War. How Personality issues accounted for the Cold War Walsh (2001) notes that the Cult of Personality that was in place in North Korea, greatly accounting for the Korean War is attributable to the Cold War. This is generally because through the system of Personality Cult that was practiced predominately by North Korean leader Kim II Sung, national confrontation broke out between North and South Korea. As this confrontation degenerated into what would later become known as the Korean War, the United States took a firm stand to support South Korea in the Korean War. With the United Nations Security Council coming to back the defense that was thrown in South Korea, the United States would have a firmer ground to fuel the Korean War. Walsh (2001) however notes that the United States also had its personality ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold war
In essence, the war can be described as the persistent state of military and political tension between the two states. The Soviet Union and its associates were branded as the Eastern bloc while the United States and their allies were referred to as the Western bloc (Leffler, 2008).
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Primary causes behind the start of the Cold War
The fear of nuclear escalation did not allow the two economies to indulge into an active war therefore; this war is known as Cold War. This war is different from the other wars because it was not an active war and it was fought through propagandas, military clashes, economic clashes and diplomatic bargaining.
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Fighting for Four Freedoms and the Cold War and the United States
His speech identified four essential Human rights i.e. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear which should serve as the basis of motivation for the US. This theme was incorporated into the Atlantic Charter. These four freedoms are just like any of human’s basic needs.
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Cold war
This event provided stimulus for continuously sustaining and expanding the U.S. military capability after the end of WWII and to a higher end, remedied the ‘great depression’ by converging to resolve with political changes the economic and cultural crises alike.
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Cold War
The United State’s strategy during the Cold War shifted slightly, but also remained surprisingly constant. One of the pillars of this strategy was not ever involving the United States in direct confrontation with the Soviet Union: there was a very real fear that any direct confrontation between the two would lead to a nuclear war.
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Cold War: An Analysis of Root Causes and Overall Levels of Responsibility
Due to the fact that one must understand the nuances of paranoia, nationalism, and the effects of perception, it is nearly impossible to come to a determination that is entirely free and devoid of any biases. However, it is this author’s belief that both sides contributed in an equal manner to the distrust, hatred, and paranoia that was so indicative of this particular period of world history.
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Cold War
In response, the American government chose to shore up those regimes, which were allied to it all over the world not only financially but also militarily to ensure that they combated the potential communist forces and
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Cold War
The emergence of superpowers after world war two was among the contributing factors to the cold war. The western block (consisting of the United States of America and other NATO country members against eastern bloc eastern bloc. A neutral block founded by India, Egypt, and Yugoslavia.
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Cold war
Soviet Union was on the other hand afraid of US and what it could do and hence put in place its own strategies to prevent US affecting its communism spread plan. This distrust and suspicion was the
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Cold War
phrase as it involved undeclared conflicts and tensions between the Soviet Union and United States whose causes, and the exact start date have not been exactly identified. Consequently, the commencing of the cold war is still a contentious issue today with debaters reflecting
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