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United States View on the Cold War - Research Paper Example

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There were various reasons that led the Americans into the cold war. The Cold War is approximated to have occurred between the periods of 1945 to 19911. The war reflected continuing tension between various powers of the western world and the communist world…
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United States View on the Cold War
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"United States View on the Cold War"

Download file to see previous pages However, the war reflected a competition between two superpowers that were the America and Soviet Union. This paper illustrates various view of the America concerning the occurrence of the cold war. Causes of the Cold War The United States saw the Cold War as a war between itself and the Soviet Union3.
Moreover, the American saw the war as a global confrontation between itself and the Soviet Union. According to the Americans, the war occurred because of having different views regarding a number of world issues with the Soviet Union. Moreover, the Americans viewed the cause of the war to be various political differences that existed between the country and the Soviet Union. The other possible factor that contributed to the development of the Cold War was the Americans fear that the communists might attack them. This contributed to the Americas want to show that it could not be defeated by any other nation in the whole world.
The other significant issue that led Americans to engage in the war was the bad blood between Truman and Stalin. However, other issues contributed to the development of the Cold War were those from the side of the communists. For example, the Russians feared that the American would cause a great trouble if it managed to release the atomic bomb. Another major factor that contributed to the development of the war was that the Russians disliked the concept of capitalism4. How the Cold War reflected Americans in the world Most of the countries that were involved and those that were not involved in the cold viewed America as one of the biggest enemy of Soviet Union. The rivalry between the two powers existed from as early as 1917. At first, both of the two powers were fighting against the Axis powers. Some of the Axis powers that were great enemies of America during the cold war include Germany and Japan. However, even though the two nations were fighting together, their relationship was tense. This means that they did not believe in one another on various issues concerning the war. This is because the Americans saw the Soviet Union as a major threat regarding to how they wished various issues would go concerning the war. The Americas started to mistrust the Soviet Union when it managed to gain control of the Eastern Europe. The Soviet Union on the other hand, started to view the American as a threat especially when it managed to make a move on the development of the atomic weapon. It is believed that one of presidents who contributed to the occurrence of the strong relationship was Woodrow Wilson. Under the leadership of Wilson, America had dedicated itself to maintain democracy. Wilson also managed to promote the country in enacting the free enterprise system. However, the communists were emphasizing on the issue of the excellent revolution. With the world class, the communists believed that most of the countries under its leadership would bring socialization in future. Through the contribution of Wilson in trying to promote democracy, many parts in the world viewed America as peaceful although there were others with different views. However, even with the contribution of Wilson to promote democracy, he did not succeed. Even the Soviet Union did not succeed in its contribution of promoting peace. Damage of America’s Reputation America damaged its reputation after engaging on the war against Vietnam. Most of the countries in the world viewed that America had not made the right decision on engaging ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold war
Essentially, the notion of the cold war is enigmatic since the major counties in the center of it never actually took up arms against each other in “hot wars”. American and The USSR were embroiled in an ideological contention; American was democratic and capitalistic, whereas Russia was a communist country, this meant that it was led by a single dictator who exercised control all the economic aspects therein.
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llies of the Second World War and forced them to take more rigid steps to impede this expansionist enthusiasm of the Soviet Leaders.1 But the other group claim that the Western Allies had failed to perceive the Soviets’ paranoid over their security concerns in East Europe and
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The author explains that the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States focuses on maneuvering to take military advantage over the opponent as well as protection from the invaders. The Soviet Union’s leaders were serious in their political process to spread communism around the world.

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