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Review on poverty - Article Example

The author argues that whereas there are many issues that leaders within government and society seek to discuss and ameliorate, the fundamental issue of poverty is one that is so important that it defines many of the other issues that are related to it. In a way, the issue of poverty is so great that it can be seen as the fundamental societal issue of society and humanity in general. Due to the fact that the existence of poverty has direct effects on health, life outlook, level of education, salary outlook, and the propensity to crime that an individual might be tempted, the reader can aptly see the true impact that poverty can have on every aspect of society as well as nearly every aspect of the individual that must live within its constraining reality. As a function of realizing this, the following few paragraphs will attempt to highlight and underscore the degree to which poverty creates something an alternate reality for the individuals within a society that are forced to integrate with such a construct. Firstly, the author points to the fact that poverty should be understood as a construct that strikes at the very ability of the individual to live as the rest of society. In such a way, a key level of humanity is robbed from them; keeping them from having the life that others enjoy so seemingly painlessly. In such a way, the level to which the individual can seek to raise themselves from their unfortunate situation. Due to the fact that access to capital and savings is necessarily non-existent

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There have been many individuals and organizations which have volunteered to give aid to the starving people and those who have been affected by conflicts and wars in their countries. The increase of people who need aid has been considered as an international issue since it has affected many countries in the world.
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The examined data, which are based on crime reports of the complainants instead of official reports by the police, gives room for further investigation of dissimilarities in the findings based on the data of victimization and official crime data. The rates of robbery, assault, and burglary are regressed on mobility, poverty, family disruption, racial heterogeneity, and structural density.
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It is at the same time oftentimes ignored that the reason why there is crime is because people are struggling to survive, and majority of these people are those who belong to the group whom we call the poor. Nobody gives as much attention to this social problem unless people like Carolina Maria de Jesus and Sandro Rosa do Nascimento stands out from the group of the poor and make an unexpected scene in the society.
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over, nations pondering why for just in fifty years, China has moved from the world’s famine nation to the world greatest economic revolutions those are lifting numerous persons out of poverty. These questions among others are vital questions for understanding familiar
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Thereby the research benefits over the qualitative approach in the sense that it tends to develop and convey the research developments numerically. A quantitative approach in this case extends many benefits such as the numerical
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Outlining U.S.’s plans for Osama bin Laden a number days following the September 11th terror attacks in 2001, President Bush affirmed that there was an old notice out West that said that “Wanted: Alive
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The first main topic of discussion are subsidized healthcare and how it sidelines the poorest people in states including Texas, Kansas, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and Mississippi
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The article explains various definitions of poverty by different authors from the 1970s to the 2000s. it also gives the methods of selecting the core definitions of poverty in the analysis, the results of the findings, conceptualization of poverty in the 1980s, 1990s, discussions on the conceptualization and the conclusion of the whole article.

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for the individual within poverty, education is also out of reach. Without a chance at a higher education, the level and extent to which they can hope to attain a higher standard of living is all but lost (Albelda 190). This hopelessness that is born out of not having any opportunity oftentimes drives individuals living within poverty towards crime; seeing this as an easy means to escape the monetary constraints of the life that they find themselves trapped within. Whereas poverty affects all individuals, not just the ones suffering from material want, crime can be said to affect the society in an even stronger way. Due to the fact that crime necessarily puts individuals within society at risk, it also increases the amount of money that needs to be spent up on law enforcement efforts as well as acting as a cancer and a rot for many cities and population centers around the United States. Lastly, from the individual’s standpoint, poverty acts as something of an endemic rot that slowly reduces the level of optimism that can be seen in life. Due to the fact that the individual is so focused upon meeting their material needs, appreciation for an recognition of the simpler and more profound aspects of life, relationships, and family cannot fully be understood. Due to the level to which poverty robs the individual and society of the level of humanity that has herein been described, it can readily be noted that poverty represents something of an umbrella term for which many of the societal issues that the current system faces must seek to integrate with. Rather than choosing to grapple with each of these externalities in a separate manner, the far better approach would be to realize that poverty represents the most fundamental harm and seek a better means of reducing its existence and occurrence. In such a way, the article points to the fundamental weakness of the


Article Review Regardless of how one measures poverty within the United States, it must be understood to effect women and children disproportionately. Within such an understanding, the impacts of poverty upon children and single mothers are especially profound…
Article review on poverty
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