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Globalization of Democracy in Africa - Book Report/Review Example

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Grant, Andrew;Ian Taylor "Global governance and conflict diamonds: the Kimberley Process and the quest for clean gems" The Round Table, Volume 93,Number 375, July 2004 , pp. 385-401(17) Routledge. 5 February 2008
The diamond industry spans throughout Africa, as does civil war and political upheaval…
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Globalization of Democracy in Africa
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Extract of sample "Globalization of Democracy in Africa"

Download file to see previous pages The Kimberley Process was devised through a series of meetings and consultations among representatives from government, civil society, and the diamond industry to develop a framework that aims to end the conflict diamond trade. This article assesses the challenges and accomplishments related to the regulatory framework regarding the 'chain of warranties' upheld by wholesalers and retailers. The authors consider conflict diamonds to be a pressing human security concern in international politics, and trace the evolution of the Kimberly Process in shaping 'global governance and multi-track diplomacy'.
DeBeers and Endiama are diamond companies working in Africa, and both follow the Kimberly Process to insure there diamonds are not traced to rebel groups or conflict. Endiama is the national diamond company of Angola, while DeBeers is multinational and collaborates with many different governments including Botswana. The Kimberly Process is part of their core business strategy to avoid aiding war and human rights abuses.
The history of the war in Angola is discussed in this article, including the role of the diamond industry. ...
This article was written in 1997, before the Kimberly Process was developed and while conflict was ongoing. There is a strong bias in this article against the multinational companies operating in Angola during this time, but it provides a greater understanding of why steps had to be taken by DeBeers and Endiama to reconcile the their role in the strife.
"The nation's key diamond producer is leading Angola to a brighter future" Summit Communications report. 5 Feb 2008
This webpage promotes Endiama as the country's major player in the diamond industry that "sees Angola's progress as a cause that runs parallel to its commercial objectives, which are the prospecting, research, extraction, cutting, and marketing of diamonds." This is a report from an independent communications company which analyses issues important to the business and financial communities of the United States. It states that Endiama is deeply committed to its social programs, and excels in the health sector. While this is not a scholarly source, it demonstrates areas in which Endiama is reaching out to the community.

Social Responsibility. Endiama- National Diamond Company of Angola- Company website. 5 February 2008

This page lays out eight recommendation that the company should take to establish social and community responsibility. An example recommendation is "ENDIAMA and Companies of the Group should establish partnerships with the provincial Governments, with the aim of defining the programmes to be executed in the economic and social sectors, paying special attention to the sectors of education, community health, basic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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