A critical review of the article Ontario's Growing Gap: Time for Leadership by Amine Yalnizyan - Book Report/Review Example

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Yalnizyan, an economist, explores the after-tax income between the richest and poorest families in Ontario, Canada. Her study aims at exploring the province’s changing income distribution for…
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A critical review of the article Ontarios Growing Gap: Time for Leadership by Amine Yalnizyan
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Extract of sample "A critical review of the article Ontario's Growing Gap: Time for Leadership by Amine Yalnizyan"

Download file to see previous pages The author uses data to vindicate that the government has a key role in reducing the widening income disparity gaps witnessed in Ontario.
The author arranges her work into five sections as she analyzes the growing income disparities in Ontario. In the first section, she compares the after tax disparities shown in Ontario against Canadian trends. The section compares income disparity trend between the richest 10% and the poorest 10% families raising children against Canadian trends (Yalnizyan 5). The section shows that that Ontario’s gap has outgrown Canada’s average and the trend does not seem to reverse. The second section provides a damning statistic about Ontario. It is home to the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in Canada. The section explains how the actions of the rich in the province can have a myriad of economic effects that affect the entire population of the province. In her third section, the author observes that economic growth has not diminished the levels of poverty in Ontario. The author notes that Ontario’s economy is now four much times bigger than it was in 1981. Despite the economic growth, the rich only appeared to gain while the family’s that lie in the bottom 40% of the province’s income spectrum fell back further. What is more troubling for the province’s economic statistic is that poverty levels have continued to rise when compared to a generation ago. The author provides an analysis of how poverty has increased in Ontario when compared to a generation ago in her fourth section. Her final section notes that government intervention has helped to check the income disparities within the province. The section notes that families within the 40% bottom earnings would be worse off without government income support and taxes (Yalnizyan 17).
In her article, Yalnizyan argues that the government has a key role to play in narrowing the income disparity gap seen in Ontario. The author is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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