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Emigration Settlement and Adaptation Program - Essay Example

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According to the report, Canada has always been a gateway for immigrants belonging to different parts of the world. People immigrate to Canada for three main reasons, which are family, economic gains and as refugees. Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) keeps a record of all the immigrants…
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Emigration Settlement and Adaptation Program
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Extract of sample "Emigration Settlement and Adaptation Program"

Download file to see previous pages A 12% decrease in the family class immigrants was noted in 2005. On the other hand, those entering Canada for economic gains or for exploring business opportunities increased by 29% and 18% respectively whereas the refugee class immigrant population increased by 26% in 2005 as compared to 2004 statistics. CIC has compiled a list of the countries topping the immigrant population and these include China, India, Philippines, Pakistan, and the United States. Other than these five countries Canada also hosts a number of immigrants belonging to other countries such as Mexico, France, Jamaica, and Japan. Of the many provinces of Canada, Ontario has always been the topmost preference of the immigrant population followed by Quebec and the British Columbia.
Immigration to a new place is never easy. CIC has compiled a list of the problems faced by the immigrant population in Canada. The problems included settlement, employment, education, language, and other countless issues. For the assistance of the newcomers, a number of programs have been launched such as the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP), Host Program, Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP), Immigration Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) etc. In this paper, I would like to critically evaluate the working of one of these organizations. I intend to evaluate the Immigration Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) because after some research I have found out that ISAP is working at a larger level and addresses a number of problems faced by the immigrants such as settlement, education assistance, employment assistance, language learning etc. I also intend to explore the success rate of this program and the reasons behind its success or failure. My evaluation will be based on success or failure, applicability, current status and the cost-effectiveness of the program. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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