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POLS - Essay Example

Indeed, the presidency of Hassan Rouhani is seemingly lessening the hostile relationships between Iran and America (Majd 1). This leads to the question whether United States should trust the new president of Iran and strive for a more amicable relationship or whether the United States should be very wary of any overtures from Iran. However, there have been many arguments suggesting that the status quo in Iran remains despite the change in political leadership. Indeed, many leaders assert that since the inauguration of President Hassan Rouhani just a few months ago, we cannot establish any substantial difference between the presidency of Hassan Rouhani and that of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The new Iran has less presence of the morality police, which depicts minimal social restrictions (Majd 1). However, Iranians are still wary of the harsh situation in the country led by President Hassan Rouhani. As such, America should not trust President Hassan Rouhani and pursue a more amicable relationship with Iran but should be very wary of any overtures from Iran. Indeed, there are still questions as to whether Iranians will allow him to deliver on his campaign promises that entail better relations with Western nations. In fact, there is no certainty that he will fix the economy without a rapid rapprochement with the Western nations (Majd 1). Actually, only few Iranians in the Islamic Republic believe in the new president. As such, with less political support, America should not rely on the promises

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of trust President Hassan Rouhani. Nevertheless, Rouhani’s speeches have been challenging the status quo where he urges the executive, political class, and the citizens to engage in reasonable behavior (Majd 1). As a result, many Iranians consider him as a leader they should support because he represents their desires. However, his administration still believes that it is not ready to mend fences with the West with an aim of forgetting their hostility (Majd 1). As a result, America should not consider trusting President Hassan Rouhani for the time being. On the other hand, Rouhani has made sudden openness to compromise on its nuclear program by participating in negotiations with the P5+1 countries which include the United States (Majd 1). He is also on a mission to convince everybody that the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is not seeking to control a nuclear arsenal (Goldberg 1). However, America should understand that Iran is only doing this to ease the restrictions spelt on the country since they are adversely affecting the economy of Iran (Goldberg 1). Moreover, Iran and its political leaders have a resounding commitment to Islamic terror groups like Hezbollah and Iranian backed groups, which destabilizes Iran and attacks Americans directly (Brown 1). This confirms that the new presidency does not diffuse the hostility between Iran and the West. As such, it is irrelevant for America to believe in Rouhani. Notably, Obama made a fifteen minutes call to Rouhani for the first time in the Iranian history. This call derived variant responses with some regimes applauding it. However, Iran’s Supreme Leader disregarded the call as an appropriate form of diplomacy. Indeed, even Rouhani later asserted that White House had requested the call five times and so he pitied them and decided to take it while en route to the airport. This manifests


POLS The former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was probably the most destructive force in Iranian politics in all times. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was dominant for anti-Semitic remarks and the immense destruction of the Iranian economy (Majd 1)…
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