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How did religious and political views shape or affect the conquest of mexico - Essay Example

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Religious Impact on the Spanish and Nahua Concerning the Conquest of Mexico Religious differences of the Spanish and Nahua people impacted the conquest of Mexico. The Spanish were Roman Catholics. Nahua, on the other hand, worshipped gods and goddess. The religious values of both groups allowed for the eventual victor and eventual loser…
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How did religious and political views shape or affect the conquest of mexico
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How did religious and political views shape or affect the conquest of mexico

Download file to see previous pages... The temporal realm was separate from life on Earth. The Nahua believe that natural and supernatural were entwined. Another defining aspect of religious influence was blood. Spaniards believed god had sent Jesus to spill his blood, but the Nahua believed that their gods needed human blood. Each religious influence controlled the outcome of the conquest. The Spanish were Roman Catholics. Although the Spaniards were Roman Catholics, different orders would shape the conquest and eventual conversion to Catholicism. Schwartz (2000:25) explains: The conversion of the indigenous peoples of New Spain (Mexico) was carried out in the sixteenth century primarily by missionary orders: the Franciscans, Dominicans, Augustinians, and after 1574, the Jesuits. Depending upon the order, the priests would convert the Nahua and the other tribes in Mexico. The goal was to baptize and convert the people to Christianity. It must be noted that different orders handled the natives with diverse methods. Some priests were harsh in the conversion. The Nahua had to convert, be baptized, and refute their native religion. Other orders would incorporate the local religion into their view of Christianity. It is important to note that in the end, the Christians conquered the Nahua, but the Nahua retained some of their traditions. The Nahua believed in a variety of god and goddesses. Schwartz (2000:9) states: The many gods and goddesses can perhaps be grouped into three major categories. As an agricultural people, the Mexica gave particular devotion to the gods of the earth and of fertility, to gods like Tlaloc, god of rain…A second group consisted of the creator deities…Finally, there were deities who formed part of the cult of war and sacrifice. The many gods and goddesses were entreated for rain, victory in war, and praise for creation. The impact of the religious differences between the Spanish and Nahua in the respect to gods and goddess influenced the conquest. The Spanish fought for a trinity in one god. The Nahua asked their gods of war and sacrifice to beat the invaders. When mankind wages war for a religious purpose they will win at all costs. If a tribe is fighting for land alone it is easier to lose. The religious ties of homeland were not as important to either side. The difference was one side fought for a sole god, but the other fought for their homeland. Thus the Spaniards overcame the Nahua. Another impact religion made on the conquest of the Spanish over the Nahua was conversion. The Nahua did not want to expand their empire through conversion. The Nahua wanted to annihilate their enemies. If they conquered people, the Nahua let them keep their identity. The Spaniards wanted to conquer and convert. This provided slave labor, allies, and more resources. Different religious values of the two warring sides influenced the conquests. Christians wore crosses with arrows, swords, and other advanced weapons. Gold was not valued by the Nahua for their traditions. However, the Christians believed in the value of gold. The Spaniards wanted the gold to give a tribute to the church. Gold could be made into crosses. The Nahua’s rituals were of complicated temples built of stone. Water, sacrifices, and other rituals made up the Nahua religion. The value of the territory made the Spaniards feel that their god wanted them to take the riches in order to further the Church’s mission of spreading Christianity throughout the world. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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