Victor & Vanquished: Spanish & Nahua Views of the Conquest of Mexico - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay is the analysis of Victor & Vanquished: Spanish & Nahua Views of the Conquest of Mexico. Studies show that the Northern Hemisphere kept plenty of history, which described various conquests and wars. Part of this history indicates the conquest of the Mexica or Aztec Empire and its subsequent downfall is very significant as it was hugely defining…
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Victor & Vanquished: Spanish & Nahua Views of the Conquest of Mexico
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"Victor & Vanquished: Spanish & Nahua Views of the Conquest of Mexico"

Download file to see previous pages The story looks and reads more like a script of a movie wherein, an infinite collection of Spanish conquistadors ends up taking down a whole empire on their own. This battle is so much memorable and studied since it was epic and led to total destruction of a magnificent culture. This paper will seek to give an analysis of Victor and Vanquished, a book describing the views of the Spaniards and Nahua during the Conquest of Mexico.
This book discusses war and conquest and adds some information on the growing attitude towards the European Expansionism. The war was about taking over an entire kingdom whereby the Spaniards destroyed a deep-rooted culture of the Mexicans by killing or forcing them to become or join their beliefs, which included Christianity. In the book, the story describes the growth of the Spaniards and their subsequent takeover of the Aztec Empire. These Spanish Conquistadors developed an interest in the land of the Aztecs mainly because they considered Mexica a great deal of “civilization” . This was so because, in the Spaniards point of view, Mexica was full of power and political ability and was rich in different useful technologies. Some of these technologies included the art of astronomy, agriculture, mathematics, and crafts as well as many other great technologies. Nevertheless, a closer outlook into the chapters in this book reveals that the book covered the history of war and conquest fueled by the expansionism of the European activities towards Central America. Generally, the scope of this book aimed at discussing the means in which the Spanish Conquistadors found their way into Central America, developed an interest in the Mexica Empire, ended up deciding to rule that kingdom by murdering people from young to old in the name of their god3. Particularly, the Spanish Conquistadors believed that they were in war and they had to fulfill their quest to overturn and rule the Mexican Empire by conquering and colonizing the Aztecs via their Christian faith and religious beliefs. Despite both sides put down different account for their story, the overall belief derived after reading the book highlights that the conquest and takeover of the Mexican Empire would come just as deities and mystics of the Aztecs opined. Highlighting that the people of Mexica had not formalized means of putting down information for others to access, they kept it by carrying it other generations through oral and pictographic recordings. The writer’s purpose to put this book into writing was to give a clear discourse into how the Spaniard waged war against a whole empire and destroyed its culture and beliefs known to have been in place even years before Christ was born. Traditions recorded in this book show that they had reached an apogee, which is between 600, and 900 C.E that is now referred to as the Mesoamerica’s Classic Era4. After analyzing the story, I found that the central theme or thesis is the implausible level of technological knowhow that the Spaniards maintained over the Mexicans. This kin of level of technological made the Spanish Conquistadors appear more powerful and experienced compared to the Mexicans who believed much on their culture. However, after fighting for over three years, the Spaniards were able to conquer and overthrow the Mexican culture despite having stayed within them for as long as they could remember. The war ended when the Spaniards emerged as victors with the Mexican cultu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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