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Xianzhe Ren (Richard) History 40A Paper 3 Sep12, 2013 The Unredeemed Captive The book by John Demos titled, “The Unredeemed Captive” presents significant ideals that revolves around the American History. These ideals entails ability to exercise own choices…
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Source Analysis Paper
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"Source Analysis Paper"

Download file to see previous pages To the family and other Englishmen, this brought about a reality check in terms accepting Eunice’s choice to stick with the Indians out of her own consent. To the father, John Williams who professed a puritans faith, Eunice’s refusal to come back, called for a concerted prayer for redemption. In this context, the redemption meant freeing Eunice from harm or distress. While, Eunice does not view her action as wrong, the puritans remain adamant for redemption to save her from the Native Americans. The action by Eunice presents a pattern of trying to assimilate into another culture. This choice, results in pain and anguish to John Williams, the father. Among the English, the choice by Eunice then, was viewed as a lost cause. However, there is need to consider fact that, Eunice decided live according to how she sees it fit. In essence, Eunice’s case in this story brings to light how choices and liberty manifested in 1700s United States. Among the custom was, having freedom to make own choices (Demos 37). As part of exercising one’s own liberty, Eunice deviated from her English roots. This involved converting to Catholism and disowned her name (Demos 107). Such events clearly indicate dissatisfaction with her previous roots. During 1700s, colonialists explored the Americas to practice religious freedom. There was freedom in terms of practicing own religion without disapproval from the King. However, regions such as New England adopted protestant faith, and was regarded more superior than other faith. This is evident when John Williams assert that, “Eunice should not loss her protestant faith in the hands of the captives” (Demos 37). The book further, reflects on a lack of respect to French Jesuits by the English Protestants. However, Demos assert that, “the Native Americans were not easily swayed to alien model” (Demos 171). The lack of religious tolerance forced John Williams to spend only a few moments talking to Eunice. It might seem that, Eunice disliked the over dependence on God among the English and her family in New England. Despite the disapproval by John Williams regarding her daughter’s choice, Eunice displayed one of the pinnacle American choices, which is, individual freedom and choice. The Native Americans regard Eunice as an equal, compared to limited liberty allowed by the English at that period in history. In reality, Eunice experienced two conflicting civilizations (Demos 175). In this story, and particular, a focus on Eunice, reflects on the freedoms instituted in the American society. Further, this story picture a period in America when religious tolerance was gaining momentum. Religious tolerance is today identified by all Americans as a vital possession. The choices made by Eunice, reflects on the Bill of Rights. Despite the story being petite histoire, illustrations about liberty are evident in a large way. In addition, the choices by Eunice have established a precedent for future generations of the American society. The precedent, involves freedom to make own choices. The ideals that shape the American society today, reflects back to the journey taken by Eunice in pursuit for choice and liberty (Demos 255). In a review of Demos and Cronon’s arguments, both focuses on history related to New England. Cronon on one hand focuses on ecological changes by comparing Indians and the Europeans. Demos on the other hand, highlights on the puritans roots compared to French Jesuit and the Native American ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Source Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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