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Effects of Ideology, News Source, and Geography on the Medias Framing of Immigrants - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Effects of Ideology, News Source, and Geography on the Media’s Framing of Immigrants" states that the media is now far from the balanced and impartial institution that it used to be, as a political ideology, kind of organization, and location affect its media frames of immigration issues…
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Effects of Ideology, News Source, and Geography on the Medias Framing of Immigrants
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Extract of sample "Effects of Ideology, News Source, and Geography on the Medias Framing of Immigrants"

Download file to see previous pages The media has a tremendous effect on contributing to and reflecting public sentiments about immigration in the United States, largely because of how it frames arguments around the latter (Fryberg et al. 3) and people’s selective media consumption (de Zúñiga, Correa, and Valenzuela 599). Framing pertains to “the way that an argument is packaged… so as to make accessible and encourage a particular interpretation of a given issue” (Fryberg et al. 3). The media has a significant role in affecting the public debate of immigration through its framing and slanting of news about it, although political ideology, exposure to different sources of news, and geographic location affects the framing perspective and public sentiments on immigration also. The media affects current immigration issues through its different ways of controlling information, as it builds and contributes to the formation of civil society through the informatization of the world. In reality, numerous news and media content compete for media coverage, and immigration is only one of many possible everyday topics. The media has the power to decide which topics to cover, how it can cover it, and how many times it can cover it, although their coverage also depends on what the public wants or what politicians what to talk about in the news (Fryberg et al. 3; Hayes 1). Some scholars have already noted that the media has become powerful in shaping civil society through influencing the availability of and access to the different content of news and information. In Social History of the Media Asa Briggs and Peter Burke describe the rise of the information age, which evolved from the printing press to the radios and television to the electronic and digital media. They note the informatization of civil society, as people in power and related to them understand that “[c]ontrol of information…would be the essence of wealth and power in the future” (Briggs and Burke 232).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Effects of Ideology, News Source, and Geography on the Medias Framing Research Paper)
Effects of Ideology, News Source, and Geography on the Medias Framing Research Paper.
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