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In Boston during the night of March 5 the year 1770, the British soldiers were attacked by the American colonists who in turn led to the firing on the crowd by the soldiers. This led to the killing of a number of colonists by the soldiers. The even became to be referred as the…
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History Research paper- Primary source analysis comprasion
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Download file to see previous pages the witnesses who made John Adams to be successful in deposing most of them, and eventually defending the soldiers successfully (www.gilderlehrman.org, 2012).
By early 1770, Boston had about 15’000 a person with about 4000 British soldiers and the tension was rising. On the evening of March 5th, crowds pelted stones at British soldiers which resulted to the firing at the crowds by the soldiers, killing five inhabitants of the city. The historic engraving by John Revere “The Bloody Massacre in King-Street,” was produced. This was one of the war propaganda tools at the time. It is however not an accurate representation of the events that actually happened.
The engraving shows the soldiers lined up shooting into the crowd and a poem Revere may have actually written. Revere is said to have based his engraving on the actual work of Henry Pelham. The following is observed from the engraving. The British soldiers have lined up with one of them giving the orders to shoot. This suggested the British soldiers were the aggressors. The crowd is seen reacting to the aggression when in fact they are the one who had started the attack. The expression of the soldiers on their faces is sharp while that of the colonists is innocent. These made the British look mean and as if they were enjoying the violence.
In another feature of the engraving is that the laborers were dressed decently elevating their stature and how they were perceived by the general population. This clearly shows the biasness of the engraving by leaning on the side of the colonists themselves and portraying the British soldiers in bad light. This bias is also represented by the illustration of the sky which seems to shed light on the atrocities being committed by the soldiers.
The unreliability of the engraving is also seen in the Illustration of Crispus Attucks who was an African American but is seen as otherwise not African American. Painting further depiction of the weather conditions at the time of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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