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Can china solve Taiwan problem using one country under two policy - Research Paper Example

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Can China solve Taiwan problem using one country under two policies? In my paper I would discuss the conflict that lies between Taiwan and China. There has been a constant debate against the independence of Taiwan as it was initially it was a part of China but when the Nationalist Party lost the war they migrated to Taiwan with their followers…
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Can china solve Taiwan problem using one country under two policy
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"Can china solve Taiwan problem using one country under two policy"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, I would also discuss various factors that contribute to the conflict between China and Taiwan. “China cannot gain Taiwan by force before the end of this decade.” (McCready, 8) Basically, the research paper examined if China can solve the dispute with Taiwan using one country under two policies. However, many questions still arise regarding this conflict if China would give up on Taiwan and let them enjoy their sovereignty? Why is United States not supporting China considering their recent super power status? Why does the Nationalist Party want to rejoin the People’s Republic of China? Nevertheless, the independent state of Taiwan in the eyes of China or Taiwan merging with China once again seems like a never ending conflict. It is said that Taiwan “Should pass the point of no return in asserting its independence and end the prospect of rejoining mother China.” (Tsang, 10) The government of Taiwan has multitude of reasons for not merging back and not giving up their independence from China. Taiwan has the right to enjoy its freedom and to prosper, thus depriving them of their rights is no excuse. China and Taiwan hold a very dainty and fragile relationship with each other. “China, Taiwan, the United States, and Japan have national interests in how the conflict is resolved, and these interests will be difficult to reconcile.” (McCready, 5) Therefore, China should end their efforts and give up on Taiwan as the Taiwanese currently are very happy with their independent state both personally and economically. As the time passes on, these conflicts will cool down. To sum it up in the most effective manner, Taiwanese are satisfied with their present state so there is no room for negotiations in this regard. At some point, China will show maturity and leave Taiwan so that they can enjoy their freedom. Also, the number of people visiting Taiwan from China has also tremendously increased with the passage of time and Taiwan has wholeheartedly increased its quota for Chinese visitors. Hence in a nutshell, Taiwan is quite happy with their independent state and they are economically stable and happy as well, which leaves China in no condition to negotiate merging them back with China, although it is said that the economical relations between Taiwan and China are quite stable and they are active trade partners. In my opinion China cannot solve this China-Taiwan conflict by using a single country under two policies. Prospectus Template:  1) My research topic: I had to analyze that whether China can solve Taiwan problem using one country under two policies. 2) I have learned the following: I have learnt through my research that China and Taiwan have been in the state of unrest since Taiwan separated from China. I have to consider the factors that contribute to the conflict and what else needs to be done in order to overcome the conflict. 3) These observations lead me to ask the following questions:  Whether China would give up on Taiwan and let it enjoy their sovereignty? Will this conflict ever end? Why is the United States not supporting China, considering their recent super power status? Why does the Nationalist Party want to rejoin the People’s Republic of China? 4) This question has several plausible answers: Many factors contribute to the conflict, thus, there are numerous reasons. Some believe that the conflict will carry on, while others are optimistic about the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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