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Discuss the origin and current situation of the Taiwan issue and the possible resolutions for Chinese government handling the Ta - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Taiwan Issue Part 1: the origin (Time frame since 1949) 1. Introduction Historical background of Taiwan Issue After the defeat of China’s military forces, also known as Kuomintang or KMT, by the CCP – Chinese Communist Party, in 1949, along with the insecurity on the island on which he had restored his base, Chiang Kai-shek, the then KMT’s leader, and his party reformed their government and created a “socialist-based state management” (Cole 3)…
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Discuss the origin and current situation of the Taiwan issue and the possible resolutions for Chinese government handling the Ta
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"Discuss the origin and current situation of the Taiwan issue and the possible resolutions for Chinese government handling the Ta"

Download file to see previous pages The United States 7th Fleet was tasked with patrolling the Taiwan Strait to stop a raid of Taiwan. Americans offered military and economic aid, and, in 1954, a joint security agreement was reached with the China’s Republic as part of America’s Cold War strategy of suppression of the Beijing government. However, military and financial aid was restricted to what Taiwan required to defend and finance itself against the People’s Republic of China, but not to hold up Chiang Kai-shek’s vision of “going back to the mainland.” The regime created, in 1949, on Taiwan, had provincial and national levels (Cole 4). The state level, with selected, as well as appointed officials from the mainland, represented itself as the Republic of China in global forums and apparently arranged for a go back to rule the entire mainland. Part 2: the current situation 2. Controversy of sovereignty over Taiwan i) Position of the People's Republic of China (PRC) The position of PRC is that the Republic of China (ROC) stopped being a lawful regime after the founding of PRC on October 1st, 1949 and that they are the successor of ROC as the only lawful regime of China with the right to manage Taiwan with regards to the “succession of states” theory (Bush and O'Hanlon 23). The stand of PRC is that they and ROC are two diverse groups in the Chinese Civil War that never lawfully subsided. Hence, PRC argues that the two groups belong to one sovereign nation, China. Because Taiwan’s independence belongs to China, then PRC’s regime, along with its supporters, deem that the secession of the island should be settled upon by the 1.3 billion citizens of China rather than just the 23 million citizen of ROC who, at the moment, live in Taiwan (Bush and O'Hanlon 23). In addition, PRC states that the UN’s Resolution by its General Assembly recognizes that PRC controls China’s entire terrain including Taiwan. UN further classifies this matter through acknowledging PRC as they only legal representatives of China. Therefore, PRC considers that it is within its lawful capacity to prolong its jurisdiction of Taiwan through any means possible (Bush and O'Hanlon 24). Furthermore, the stand of the People’s Republic of China is that ROC does not fulfill the fourth principle of the Montevideo Convention. PRC argued that the Montevideo Convention was agreed upon by only 19 states at the 17th Global Conference of American States (Bush and O'Hanlon 24). Therefore, the authority of the United Nations and the United States should supersede the Montevideo Convention. ii) Position of the Republic of China (ROC) ROC, on the other hand, claims that it maintains all the traits of a nation and that it was succeeded or replaced by PRC since it is still in existence even after PRC’s establishment. In line with the Montevideo Convention (1933), the mainly consulted source for the meaning of statehood, a nation should possess a defined territory, a permanent population, a regime, as well as a capacity to start relations with other nations (Bush 33). ROC affirms to meet all these principles since it has a government practicing successful jurisdiction over clear territories ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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