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Topic: How did Allende's rise to presidency and his presidential policies changed Chile's relationship with the United State - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# University Name Henry Kissinger, one of America’s most prominent and outspoken statesmen of the past several decades stated the following concerning Chile’s turn towards socialism and/or communism: "I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people”.1 Such a statement, although bold and seemingly misplaced within the more delicate era of today’s foreign policy aptly summed up the way in which the United States sought to integrate with Chile during the period of Salvador Allende’s presidency…
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Topic: How did Allendes rise to presidency and his presidential policies changed Chiles relationship with the United State
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"Topic: How did Allende's rise to presidency and his presidential policies changed Chile's relationship with the United State"

Download file to see previous pages In such a way, the United States made a litany of foreign policy decisions based upon deprivation of resources and territory and/or allies to the Soviet Union. Although it is not the case that Chile was a proxy of the Soviet Union, it can be definitively stated that a level of friendship developed between the two; thereby all but assuring a defensive posture on the part of the United States. As such, the following analysis will seek to leverage an understanding of the way in which the United States and Chile relations progressed and ultimately regressed as a result of Allende’s election and governance. ...
Up until this point in time, the relationship that Chile and the United States had enjoyed had been primarily economic, a fact that will be discussed at some length and depth later in this analysis. However, once it became clear that the next president of Chile was to be a Marxist, the United States became preeminently concerned. Within the president Nixon ordered an emergency meeting with the Central intelligence agency director and sought out a way to annul or overturn the result of the elections. However, it was soon noted that such an approach would not be feasible and that other means would have to be utilized in order to dislodge Allende from power. Initial plans by the CIA overthrow Allende were primarily leveraged by utilizing the Chilean military to affect some type of coupe. However, such efforts were unsuccessful as the CIA, and by extension the United States government, found no willing generals that would acquiesce to such a process at that time. As a direct result of the brazen attempts to unseat a sitting president, the Soviet government began to integrate with the Marxist Allende to a greater and more complete degree. Moreover, it was the Soviet KGB that alerted Allende to the fact that the United States was actively pursuing plans for his ouster. As a direct result of such a revelation, the KGB asserted that the best means of protecting the president from such an eventuality was to shuffle the military and intelligence structure as it currently existed within Chile. What this affected was a continual game of cat and mouse was the United States was firmly interested in deposing the president whereas the president alongside his Soviet handlers was primarily concerned with keeping him in power. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Topic: How Did Allende'S Rise to Presidency and His Presidential Essay.
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