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Can the direct targeting of civilians ever be morally justified - Essay Example

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The paper will aim at assessing the situational factors during the Second World War,which played a pivotal role in deciding upon the area bombing campaigns targeting the civilians.The paper will attempt to provide a justification on whether the bombing attacks on civilians can ever be justified morally…
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Can the direct targeting of civilians ever be morally justified
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"Can the direct targeting of civilians ever be morally justified"

Download file to see previous pages The Second World War caused numerous consequences to different nations owing to its magnitude and scale involving a vast geographic proportion of the world economies. It has been noted in this regard that the Second World War had been commenced with the participation of the then topmost nations of the world, which apparently signified the polarized world of the 20th century, where one side was apparently stronger and powerful than the other side. Comparing the casualties caused due to the First and the Second World War, especially those suffered by the civil societies around the world excluding the military property losses, historians revealed that area bombing campaign in the latter had a more devastating result. To be noted, the concept of area bombing was first developed by the British military during the war, where they had planned to attack certain specific areas of Germany as a part of their war strategy. The decision of Britain to attack German civil areas through the bombing strategy was mainly with the intention to deindustrialize the conditions of Germany and to make the nation weak from within. To be precise, with the civilians being affected due to the warfare, it was quite likely to increase threats for domestic social as well as political unrests. Also, with the destruction of such a huge proportion of civilians, Germany would eventually become weak to afford the continuously rising need for soldiers to fight its enemies. This further meant that Germany will not be able to attack or pose a threat to any other nation during the Second World War. Therefore, it can be apparently observed that the intention behind area bombings by British on German civilians was to make the country vulnerable both economically as well as socially, with the expectation that it would eventually drive the nation away from participating in the wars. Apparently, this area bombing approach taken by the British military against Germany, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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