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World Civilization - Essay Example

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Civilization is defined as a global or universal phenomenon of political, economic, cultural, and technological exchanges that come up because of contemporary communication, legal infrastructure, and political willingness to open links across borders to enable international finance and trade…
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World Civilization
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Extract of sample "World Civilization"

Download file to see previous pages In general terms, it is a term that stands for the close ties between people and states of the world culturally, economically and politically (Ostrom, n.d). Proponents perceive that, civilization has played a key role especially in political sphere an argument which has received major backing from civilization nationalists. For example, they have a uniting factor in the view that International institutions such as World Trade Organization have positively influenced political ties among member states. Dividing the two sides in the middle is the issue and the role of technology in globalization (Mancur, 1965). Proponents have identified with the remarkable positive contributions predisposed by technology such as faster access to information and more jobs created such us the online jobs. On the flip side, critics have expressed deep reservations on the security lapses that technology has exposed most countries to as a result of technology. They have also expressed concerns on global moral decadence that has been wide spread as a result of civilization through technology (Clough, 1990). Civilization has destabilized the stand of poorer states and uncovered people to dangerous and harmful competition. Their concern is rational and understandable especially since the gap between the poor and the rich has become more prevalent in recent ages. Poverty can be deliberated in various ways, for instance, relative to a nation’s individual average consumption level or in terms of well being of citizens. By common agreement, civilization has increased rapidly since early nineteen eighties. If civilization leads to poverty, then Nations that have been economically incorporated through trade and investment should be worse. But, some nations in the world have become more integrated into global economy have made tremendous progress while others like Sub-Saharan Africa that have remained in isolation and have experienced a sharp decline (Clough, 1990). The fissure or gap between the poor and the rich groups of people in the world has increased. Inequality would rise with this tremendous increase in poverty. One of the common feature discussions connecting poverty and civilization is the general conception from the stance of impoverishment to lead to world developments. When governments accumulate debts in private markets engaging a decline in world demand for their products, prices of common goods would undergo depreciation leading to recession. Underdeveloped countries and small business owners are at distant from adjusting their technology as often as their developed, larger, wealthier counterparts. Due to inability to merge with wealthy and multinational firms, small firms and underdeveloped countries are pushed to carry on their businesses locally thus never expanding and reaching their full capacity. Technological advances are being made each day all over the world but the bad news is that they are proving to be unaffordable. This high cost of production leads to fixed consumer prices, which are high. Civilization has become a weapon in the politics of oppositional activities, rallying on the idea that of diverse global ills. Civilization is viewed as a symbol of civilization threat. The main argument behind it is that it tends to refer the United States and other developed countries as hegemonic powers that promote civilization for their own benefits. In turn, they harm the cultural, environmental, and economic interests of other countries of the world. Instead of establishing a universal human progress, it has made the gap between the poor and the rich to widen. About beliefs, the Constantine worshiped Christianity because he grew up in a background that believed in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "World Civilization" is quite popular among the assignments in university. Still, this document opens a fresh perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the idea for my own paper.


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