African American History before 1877 - Essay Example

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Slavery in America in the seventeenth century,and the main reason behind this was so that the slaves would help in production of crops grown by the colonies.By the late eighteenth century,slavery had become a dominant system in the American society…
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African American History before 1877
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"African American History before 1877"

However, it was during this time that antislavery movements rose, beginning in the North, as they endeavored to abolish slavery in America. Despite the fact that various differences existed between the slavery systems of the North and the South, prior to the eighteenth century, they were heightened by the abolitionist movements. However, a number of similarities still existed between slavery systems in the North and the South in the eighteenth century. Majority of the differences rose from the facts that most Northerners were puritans, who loved to work for themselves, and mainly focused on growing food only for their families. Southerners on the other hand were less religious and more focused on attaining economic success, thus mainly grew crops for export. Majority of the similarities rose from the facts that most of the slaves both in the North and South were of African descent, both lived in houses away from their masters, and had similar responsibilities. Keywords: Slavery, Slaves, Planters, Masters, North, South, Plantations, Farms, Abolitionists, Eighteenth Century Introduction Slavery in America began in the early seventeenth century, when the earliest slaves from Africa were brought Jamestown, Virginia, which was a colony of North America. The main reason behind this was so that the slaves would help in production of crops grown by the colonies, such as Tobacco. ...
However, it was during this time that John Locke’s theories of all men being equal and possessing unalienable rights were gain roots, beginning with North America (Schneider, D. & Schneider, C., 2007). It is for this reason that during the eighteenth century, various differences and similarities existed between slavery systems of the North and those of the South in America. This paper discusses those differences and similarities. Differences between Slavery Systems of the North and South during the 18th Century in America During the eighteenth century, there were a number of features that differentiated slavery systems in the North and South of America. These include: 1. The difference in the average number of slaves in the North compared to those in the South. In the eighteenth century, slave holdings in the North had about 25 slaves, while in the South slave holdings comprised of approximately 100 slaves (“Facts about Slave Trade and Slavery,” n.d.). 2. The presence of large estates, known as plantations in the South, and conversely smaller farms in the North. Due to its size, the South was not a distinct region, but was rather divided into three zones namely the backcountry, Carolina, and Chesapeake, with Chesapeake standing as the largest among the three. Tobacco was a dominant crop grown in vast plantations of the three regions in the south, and this increased the need for slaves to work in the plantations, making the slave system quite solid. Agriculture in the South was mainly for export. In the North on the other hand, farmland was smaller with farming usually taking place on a small scale, and was mainly focused towards providing for the families. As a result of this feature, slaves in the North were fewer compared to the south, and the Read More
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