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Four Questions 2 - Assignment Example

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EXAM QUESTIONS Name Institution of Affiliation Course Date SECTION 1 Question B: What are some of the basic assumptions of liberalism? What are some recent trends in world politics that support liberal beliefs? There are two basic assumptions that underlie theories that explore the concept of liberalism…
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Four Questions 2
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"Four Questions 2"

Download file to see previous pages Essentially, it is these social coalitions that modify and determine the state ‘preferences’ or rather foreign policy in global politics at any moment in time. Political institutions form the basic channels through which these social interests of both individuals and civil society groups find their way into the political realm. The second basic assumption of liberalism is that the interdependence among of state preferences influence state behavior. Unlike realists who insists on constancy of preferences, liberalists hold that the state preferences are dynamic in nature and they play a critical role in influencing the world politics. The variations in state policy and behavior is a function of exact distribution of preferences and nature of the ‘stakes’ in consideration. States, as argued out by liberals, align their behavior to the exact nature of these preferences (compatible or conflictual) and their scope. A “social purpose” is a pre-requisite for any state to pay any attention to international matters, let alone trigger conflict, initiate cooperation, or consider any other crucial foreign policy undertaking. In the absence of this interdependence among the objectives of different states, a rational state will not engage in any international relations, hence exist as an isolated and autarkic entity. Basically, liberalists argue that conflictual goals promote political disputes whereas convergence of underlying preference form a platform for peaceful cooperation. Burchill (2009) describes liberalism as an optimistic approach to international relations that advocates for freedom, human rights, free market capitalism, and constitutionalism. Liberalists hold the fundamental belief that peace and freedom are the basic questions of domestic and international order. The recent trends in world politics has seen increased calls for nations to cooperate with international bodies for the mutual interest of global peace. In another example, United States has been undertaking solitary interventional actions in world affairs. However, with the advent of modern liberalism, calls to cooperate with multinational bodies such as NATO in conducting interventional plans has been on the increased. This is based evidenced in the recent French Military intervention in Mali and the NATO intervention in Libya. Liberalists advocate for the adherence to human rights and free market capitalism. China and U.S. offer examples of how liberalists’ perspectives of free trade is gradually permeating the international markets. China has recently expanded its market to the developing world especially in Africa. Most of its products are sold in these nations in exchange of other natural resources and agricultural produce. United States has equally expanded its trade across the globe. Nonetheless, China has come under sharp criticism from other players in the global economy for their engagements in activities that are thought to hinder free trade. WTO other nations continuously urge China to embrace the spirit of free and fair cooperation in trade. SECTION 2 Question A:. Identify and discuss at least three social, economic, and/or environmental activities of the UN and other intergovernmental organizations. Do you agree that each of these activities should fall under the realm of an organization such as the UN? Why or why not? Through international bodies such as International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, the United Nations plays a critical role in ensuring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Four Questions 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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