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The War in Vietnam Dramatically Affected American Foreign Policy - Essay Example

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This paper will focus on supporting the notion that the Vietnam War had a dramatic impact of the American foreign policy, whereby focusing on the role of America in Vietnam, Afghanistan in the 1980s and Iraq since 2003. …
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The War in Vietnam Dramatically Affected American Foreign Policy
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The War in Vietnam Dramatically Affected American Foreign Policy

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There was a significant increase of the focus on American foreign policy by the then president Lyndon Johnson after the conflict in Vietnam (Gallagher, 1). However, there were issues regarding statistics depicting that there were cases of racial discrimination; the foreign policy in America has undergone significant changes for a period leading to a reflection on their national interests. In fact, these changes were experienced after new revolutionary war, whereby America’s principal national interest was aimed at maintenance of independence from various countries in Europe. For instance, America has developed a significant foreign policy, which is supported by the Atlantic Ocean and typified through Monroe Doctrine. This foreign policy focuses on imposing constraints on European attempts to further colonization of the western hemisphere. Apparently, in America, formulation of these policy focuses on avoiding entanglement with other countries, thereby concentrating on development of a nation covered the continent.

These foreign policies have played a significant role in facilitating the process of industrialization, which focused on the foreign markets and colonies. Moreover, America managed to attain a minor level of imperial power by the end of twentieth century through war with territories such as Spain for Cuba, and with Philippines taking over Hawaii. (Mehmet, 1). On the other hand, the World War 1 involved Americans concerning European issues, though after the war, there was a form of isolation; for instance, Americans turned down the idea of joining the League of Nations, though it turned inward once again. Numerous issues and functions are taken by the foreign policy in America; for example, it focuses on establishment and maintenance of diplomatic relationships with other counties and international institutions such as United Nations (Mehmet, 1). The foreign policy has contributed in the process of maintaining peace, whereby America is able to work with their allies in a way that facilities regional and international security. On the other hand, there are wide ranges of international economic issue that entail international trade and business that are affected by a change in foreign policy. Foreign policy has facilities involvement in issue such as aid and disaster relief, whereby American takes significant role of leadership these and other issue such as negotiation of treaties and maintaining peace. Therefore, America has taken an important function that involves seeking ways to address international economic and environmental issues. There are three branches involved formulation and implementation of foreign policy in America; in fact, these branches collaborate with necessary governmental institutions and agencies. On the other hand, this process involves the president and executives branches with the ultimate role of formulating and implementing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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