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Richard Nixon Effects on the Vietnam War - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Richard Nixon Effects on the Vietnam War” evaluates the task of ending the Vietnam War that has already been perpetuated for more than two decades. It was the failure -of the preceding President Johnson to find a decent “way out” of Vietnam that played a significant role in the election…
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Richard Nixon Effects on the Vietnam War
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Extract of sample "Richard Nixon Effects on the Vietnam War"

Download file to see previous pages  But it was not possible through a quick Military withdrawal from the war. On the other hand, he had to pacify the outraged mob who massively could contribute to his failure in the next election in case he failed to manage a decent way-out while retaining the sublimity of the US image. At home Nixon’s dilemma was -as it is said in “Richard M. Nixon - The Vietnam war” says- that “If his plan involved escalation, Democrats could charge that he was abandoning attempts to reach a peaceful solution and could point to mounting American casualties and prisoners of war. If he negotiated a solution that led to the fall of the government in Saigon, Democrats could charge that he had abandoned an ally”.3
Indeed this situation was reflected greatly and played a crucial role in shaping Nixon’s policy for the Vietnam War. Now though Nixon became successful to retain his position in the Oval Office in the election of 1973 and also to retain the US big-brother image in international power politics, he failed, to a great extent, to help the war. But in return he had to turn the upside of the US foreign policy down by sacrificing America’s image as the savior of “Democracy”.4 Nixon’s offensive stance, the “Madman” doctrine seems to lie at the root of all these failures, because it can be convened that his defensive stance would have. The root of the Vietnam War dates back in the year 1955. An in-depth analysis of the war is essentially bound to yield the fact that the war fairly turns from the colonial struggle of the French into the war of the US democratic interest. From the viewpoint of the US Government, the US involvement in the war was meant to prevent the proliferation of communism over South Vietnam. But as per the North Vietnamese people as well as the common Vietnamese’s view, the war was the Vietnamese struggle against the colonial power, which was initially fought against the French. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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