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Third World Country - Research Paper Example

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Third World Country Name University Third World Country The phrase “third world country” is used to refer to those nations that are experiencing developmental stages and are gradually moving towards the set goal of being recognized as a developed nation…
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Third World Country
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Third World Country

Download file to see previous pages... This paper will focus on the developments that have occurred in India in society, politics as well as economics since the year 2000. Body During the period of 2000, the total population of India exceeded 1 billion, and during this year both the US and India’s foreign relations strengthened when the President of US visited India (Hardgrave, 2008, p.17). Later in 2001, the Presidents of two conflicting countries, India and Pakistan, met, but this meeting ended up without any positive outcomes. Later, the ruling party in India experienced setbacks due to the political scandals associated with them and their intelligence failures during the Kargil War with Pakistan. After September 11 attacks on the US, the ties between India and the US further strengthened as the US removed its sanctions due to the support India was providing to help them fight the war on terrorism (Hardgrave, 2008, p.180). By 2002, the political scenario of India had worsened due to events such as killing of Hindu pilgrims in the region of Ayodhya (Hardgrave, 2008, p.80). Later, during the year 2003, India started experiencing ample amount of political stability as its connections with it conflicting nation, Pakistan, started to move towards a positive path. During 2004, elections were held, and the alliance that was led by the Congress Party entered the government with Manmohan Singh becoming the Prime Minister, who continued to privatize India (Hardgrave, 2008, p.117). The privatization process came to a standstill as the communist and the socialist parties stood against this move. During the same year, the ties between India and Pakistan further strengthened with the introduction of Srinagar Muzaffarabad Bus Service; later, these ties experienced a setback due to the killings of Hindus in Kashmir, which is under the control of India (Gaur, 2009, p.348). In 2006, the nation made progress in the field of nuclear power, with the US removing the ban of sale of nuclear technology to India (Hardgrave, 2008, p.196). By 2007, the first female president of India came to power, and later in 2008 the ties between India and Pakistan again experienced damage due to the Samjhota Express Bombings (Hardgrave, 2008, p.71). India started experiencing economic liberalization during the 20th and the 21st century, and this led to humungous changes in the nation’s economic area. During the year 2000, the nation experienced a rise in GDP from the figure of 11,571,882 in 1995 to 20,791,898 in the session of 2000 (World Bank, 2011, p.157 & 192). One of the major developments in the economy of India was the expansion of the steel industry into the European regions during the 21st century. During 2006, Mittal Steel purchased Arcelor and became the world’s largest steel producer accounting for the 10% of the world total steel production, and similarly, Tata Steel made an offer of purchasing Corus Group steel manufacturing organization in the year 2007 (DePamphilis, 2010, p.120). The GDP experienced by India during the year 2007 was around 7 to 8%. Great economic developments occurred during the period of 1998 to 2004 during the rule of the National Democratic Alliance, and during this time period the nation had two different finance ministers, namely, Yashwant Sinha and Jaswant Singh (Gaur, 2009, p.255). One of the major achievements in the sector of economy of the nation was the universal license, which allowed the CDMA license holders to establish as well as provide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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