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The must deal with a particular third world country and a particular development issue. I was assigned Costa Rica - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses the hydroelectrical project in southern Costa Rica, the Hydroelectrical Project El Diquis, as one of the most important development issues in Costa Rica today due to the involvement of an indigenous community. The primary question to be answered here is how…
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The paper must deal with a particular third world country and a particular development issue. I was assigned Costa Rica
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Extract of sample "The must deal with a particular third world country and a particular development issue. I was assigned Costa Rica"

Download file to see previous pages The construction of the Hydroelectrical Project El Diquis (PHED) in southern Costa Rica has an effect on the native population of Terraba. The core players are anthropologists and sociologists who are hired by the development plan to deal with the involved indigenous community. The PHED’s anthropologists and sociologists face the issue of how to negotiated between the project’s management and militant factions in Terraba (Haffar & Carls 2010). A group of native protesters in Terraba downright opposes the building of the dam. They thoroughly analyze the ideas and agendas of its executives, claiming in its place the freedom to take in their own notions of an independent local development.
As shown in the above figures, the Costa Rican people enjoy high life expectancies. Customarily reliant on beef, banana, and coffee exports, the country has undergone economic diversification. The launching of a major computer component factory in the 1990s was a boost to the economy, though its wealth has been at the mercy of the rising and falling global demand for computer parts. The primary source of foreign trade in the country is tourism (BBC News 2011). Its rainforests boast a great diversity of bionetwork. According to BBC News (2011), Costa Rica has also been a global advocate of environment concerns, guaranteeing that economic development is not attained to the detriment of its abundant natural resources, and effectively maximizing connections between poverty alleviation and environmental conservation.
Costa Rica is successful in terms of economic development. Classified as an upper middle-income nation, Costa Rica was successful in lowering the rate of poverty from 23% in 2004 to 17.7% in 2008 (World Bank 2011, para 7). Nevertheless, inequality is widening as development has mostly promoted skilled work, and education is left behind, particularly among the country’s lower class. Costa Rica has encountered stable economic development over the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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