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Third world country week 8 - Essay Example

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[Instructor Name] Third World Country Countries have been classified into first, second and third world countries on the basis of the political, social and infrastructure based progress in those country. The least developed countries with respect to the various aspects as discussed have been placed in the list of third world countries…
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Third world country week 8
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Download file to see previous pages One such country is Somalia. Somalia is an under-developed country if the continent of Africa and has been suffering political instability from a few decades. Since the time Somalia gained independence from the British rule it has been experiencing serious political disturbance. The governments which established themselves in the country could not last long and were dissolved soon after their formation. For most of its time post-independence, Somalia has remained under the condition of a civil war. Since the end of Siad Barre’s government, the country hasn’t come under the rule of a proper centralized government. A Transitional Federal Parliament was developed in 2000 and under this a charter for developing a government was inaugurated in November 2004. The government formed under this charter was finally recognized as the official government of Somalia by the United States (Elmi, 56-87). The Somalia government has worked hard and struggled a lot to improve their political conditions and gain stability. The government has put in all efforts to develop the economic, social and infrastructure conditions of the country. The transitional government that was formed was assigned with the task to bring infrastructure development and bring about improvements in various sectors. Although the government took extensions of deadlines three times but they have managed to make considerable improvements and developments in various sectors of the economy. Also, the government has been able to meet a number of challenges which were ignored completely by the previous governments. The government has also been able to handle challenges and solve issues which have remained unresolved since the country’s independence (Besteman, 135-165). Due to the political instability of the country, Somalia has not been able to improve its economic conditions and concentrate over developing the economic structure. After the establishment of the transitional government the economic conditions of the country improved as according the State Bank of Somalia, the economic state of the country is quite stable and sound despite of the constant civil wars and unrest which took place within the country. The entire economy of the country is based upon the agriculture sector of the country. The major exports of the country include fish, bananas, corn, charcoal and sugar. Its a purely agricultural country involved in harvesting practices throughout the year. The people are also involved in cattle farming and keep goats, sheep, camels and other such animals. Livestock farming also has a major contribution in the country’s economy as livestock trade is has increased all the way to the Arabian Peninsula. The industrial sector of Somalia is not well established but great progress can be witnessed in this sector. A number of international companies have set up their manufacturing factories in various parts of the country which is a sign of development. Products related to the basic necessities of life are now being produced in the country. Initially just a single airline operated in the country whereas now, three airways are owned by the government which serves the people with domestic and international flights. A number of hotels and restaurants have also been opened in various locations of the urban area. A number of telecommunication companies have setup their companies in Somalia which is an indication of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Third World Country Week 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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