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The Tea Party. The impact of the rise of the Tea Party on the American political landscape - Essay Example

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The Tea Party is a political movement of the United States that initiated following the victory of President Obama in the elections of 2008…
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The Tea Party. The impact of the rise of the Tea Party on the American political landscape
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"The Tea Party. The impact of the rise of the Tea Party on the American political landscape"

Download file to see previous pages The initial stimulus for the beginning of the Tea Party was by Rick Santelli who worked in CNBC and he has been labeled by many as the initiator of the Tea Party. This is owing to the fact that he openly opposed the mortgage plan that was signed by the President after taking office in 2009 on air and this fuelled many protesters and groups to gather and initiate this movement. Different support groups of the Tea Party formed and worked throughout the country to present their points (Williamson et al 25, 37). The Tea Party laid a great initial impact on the political landscape of the United States owing to the great support that it received but the affectivity of the movement has greatly reduced over the years owing to the lack of proper leadership and unity as well as the changing manifestos. In the year 2009, the support for the Tea Party greatly increased and polls revealed that up to 300,000 residents of the United States took part in the organized protests. Different organizations registered under the flag of Tea Party to show their support for this movement. These included The Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Patriots, The Tea Party Express and the Tea Party Nation. Such was the success of the Tea Party and its motif that by the end of the year 2009, political candidates who were associated with the Tea Party won 39 out of the total 129 seats of the United States House of Representatives and five seats in the Senate. These victories clearly demonstrated the political effect of the Tea Party on the American political landscape (Williamson et al 37, 38). The motives for which this movement began were mainly to reduce the federal government and at the same fight against the loopholes in the healthcare policies. The Tea Party also lobbied against the high amount of taxes and the mortgage plan and also demanded the resolving of issues including unemployment as well as the lower level of representation of the common public in the government (Gabriel; Williamson et al 32). The groups that formed under the flag of the Tea Party indicate the fact that they are mainly putting forward “the voice of the true owners of the United States” that is of the residents of the country. They indicate that they are following in the footsteps of the people who brought about the revolution known as the Boston Tea Party in the year 1773 and thus they refer to their movement as the Tea Party as well. They indicate the fact that they are fighting for their country and fulfilling the dreams of the founding fathers of the United States and trying to uphold the constitution of the country. They argue that the Constitution is to be truly followed and the freedom of the people is not to be invaded by the governing bodies. They present the fact that the common man should be represented in the governing offices so that their problems are properly solved. Furthermore, they also argue that illegal immigrants should not be allowed to enter the country and proper budgeting schemes should be devised for the benefits of the common man and taxes should be reduced to minimum (The Tea Party). The Tea Party movement has been a center of controversy. It has its own supporters but opposing groups present the fact that the success of the Tea Party is not very high and it has greatly reduced over the years. Furthermore, it is also explained by the oppositionists that the Tea Party does not represent all the people of the country but it rather represents only a few groups and races. This was indicated by a survey that was conducted by the CBS News and the New York Times. This survey was conducted in the year ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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