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Energy and Environment - Research Paper Example

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This essay describes that Climate change is an issue that has characterized the United States political landscape for a while now. The issue has attracted substantial partisan differences despite the fact that most Americans agree that there is evidence of continued global warming over the past decades…
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Energy and Environment
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Download file to see previous pages More than two-thirds of Americans (67%) agree that there is solid evidence that the earth’s temperatures have been increasing over the last decades. Despite a majority of Americans acknowledging the existence of global warming phenomenon, substantial partisan differences over climate change generated along party lines exist. Eighty-four percent of Democrats believe that there is solid evidence of global warming compared with only 46% of Republicans. The Republicans are greatly divided over the issue than Democrats (Pew Research Center 1). Only 25% of Tea Party Republicans agree that there is solid evidence of global warming and only 61% of non-Tea Party Republicans. Among the adults who say that there is solid evidence of the earth warming, 44% intimate that global warming is caused by human activities, 18% believe that the phenomenon is due to natural patterns in the earth’s environment, and 4% do not know.
The opinions of Republicans and Republican-leaning parties are divided into four roughly equal quadrants. Twenty-five percent see no solid evidence of global warming and hence are convinced that it just not happening; 23% agree that there is solid evidence of global warming, and it is caused by human activity while 19% say global warming is happening, and it is caused by natural activities in the earth’s environment; 20% believe there is no solid evidence of warming of earth due to possession of minimal knowledge (Pew Research Center 1). Democrats are less divided over global warming as compared to Republicans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Energy and Environment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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