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The various strategies adopted by those who mobilized to resist the ambitions of colonialists and imperialists - Essay Example

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Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Insert Date Imperialism I. Introduction Imperialism is where an economically and politically dominant nation invades for other people’s land, labor, raw materials, and markets for their own good. Imperialism was mainly practiced in order to give nations political and social power…
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The various strategies adopted by those who mobilized to resist the ambitions of colonialists and imperialists
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"The various strategies adopted by those who mobilized to resist the ambitions of colonialists and imperialists"

Download file to see previous pages II. Modes of Resistance A. Example 1 There are so many methods that countries used to resist imperialism. The first method was by collaborating with other imperialists. The imperialists or the bourgeois also fought for the control of territories. The resisting countries took advantage of this and sought the protection of another imperialist country in case of invasion. One such example is in Lenin’s letter to American workers when he says that he sought the help of France when the German forces invaded Russia. The French army had explosive experts and they were to be used to blow up railway lines in order to make it hard for German forces to invade Russia. Lenin knew very well that France was also an imperialist nation but he used it for the benefit of his people. France assisted Russia because it wanted to prevail over Germany. Lenin says that by using Russia to prevent Germany invasion, he had reduced the bourgeois power and assisted in preservation of the rights of the working class. This mode of resistance was also adopted by America when it was fighting for liberation from British colonization. The Spanish and the French had also invaded the northern part of America. The Spanish, French, and the British were always in conflict. The United States took advantage of this and sometimes fought on the side of Spanish and French forces against the British. Lenin says that they (USA) collaborated with the oppressors for the benefit of their people. B. Example 2 Another mode of resistance that was adopted was armed resistance. Example of this was when European countries invaded the Asian countries (Panikkar 231). These countries responded by armed resistance. This led to destruction of institutions that had been established by the colonizers. Since such revolutions would erupt in many of their colonies, it was hard to suppress them leading to weakening of the imperialists. This resulted in the imperialists granting independence to their colonies. Even though this strategy is criticized for leading to much causality, Lenin claims that it saves many people from oppression by sacrificing a few. In fact, Lenin claims that the imperialists during their own struggles normally killed many innocent citizens. C. Example 3 Another mode of imperialist resistance is refusing to depend on the imperialists. This is when a country decided not to depend on the products of the colonizers. The country enhanced its own industries and endeavored to solve its own problems. It was sometimes hard because these were non-industrialized countries but Lenin in his letter to American workers says that it is through mistakes that people learn how to do things right. This strategy was meant to incapacitate the imperialists economically and it was achieved through boycotting their products or not accepting employment in their industries. Through this, the workers would be able establish and strengthen their own national industries and learn how to manage them. They will establish new working rules and have a say in their trade unions. This frees them from the manacles of imperialism. D. Example 4 The last strategy of resisting imperialism was through stepping on the rights of imperialists. The imperialists may have the right to own property, but the property that they held was grabbed from the indigenous population. When power went back to the citizens of the colonized states these properties were taken from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Various Strategies Adopted by Those Who Mobilized to Resist the Essay.
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