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The goal of this essay is to analyze the depiction of imperialism in the books "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe and "King Solomon’s Mine" by Ridder Haggard. The essay discusses the concept of imperialism from the perspective of countries that were being occupied…
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Download file to see previous pages King Solomon’s mine is a classical Victorian rendition of unexplored Africa at the start of the 18th century. From the book, the realization that Africa was just like other continents comes out clearly. Throughout the narration in the book, imperialism comes out in many instances. For instance, the title of the book symbolically infers to the biblical times of King Solomon. From the biblical perspective, the King is known to be so wise. Other than being wise, the biblical conquests for wealth are something which is akin to the modern day imperialism. In the times of King Solomon, there were fights over territories, mines included. For instance, the book is a quest to show proof of the existence of the mines that were owned by the King. In the course of doing this, the mines that were causes of war with the Edomites, for instance, get unearthed. The revelation from this narration is that forms of leadership which border on autocracy and imperialism have been in existence from the olden days. The book only goes ahead to make the reader have a different perspective of the happenings at the time.
The perception by Westerners over Africa is a clear example of imperialism. For instance, the description of the Zulu tribe in the narration when the author meets them is a clear bias which is influenced by imperialist thoughts. For instance, the author’s description of the Zulu was that of a tribe which was primitive even in their language. Based on the fact that the Zulus are normal people and their culture differs from the Author’s, it is wrong to classify their culture as primitive.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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