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Impearialism, colonialism. and globalization on how they affect the middle east - Essay Example

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Imperialism, Colonialism, and Globalization There are many challenges currently facing Middle East. These challenges arise out of colonial experiences; imperial ventures, globalization, and defensive modernization (Alkadry 739)…
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Impearialism, colonialism. and globalization on how they affect the middle east
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Impearialism, colonialism. and globalization on how they affect the middle east

Download file to see previous pages... On the other hand, the democratization system has become a problem due to the influence of globalization. This is due to the clash of interest between the western industrialized nations and the state aboriginal affair (Alkadry 739). In the recent occurrences, most of the developed and decolonized have been caught up in the matrix of struggle for liberation and self-determination. Likewise, the countries of Middle East are furthering democracy and at the same time struggling to get self-determination in a postcolonial globalization context (Alkadry 739). Most of the countries in Middle East achieved their independence half a century ago. However, no single country in the region has a full-fledged democratic government. This is also evident in the wave of revolutions currently taking place in the region. Only few countries in the region that have made stride towards installing democratic institutions. These countries include Lebanon, Turkey, and Kuwait (Alkadry 740). The issue of self-determination is guided by two principles. They include national independence and freedom. In the Middle East, this has not been possible due to the threat of imperialism. This makes it difficult for the nations to move from a moment of national sovereignty and anti-social resistance to a moment of freedom and democratic governance (Alkadry 740). ...
Algeria is one of the countries where imperialism was evident during the colonial period. It congest began in 1830. This occurred after French deployed powerful army in the region. The heavy military presence led to death of many Algerians. This helped France to acquire land in Algeria. This was followed by massive migration on settlers into Algeria to farm in the Algeria coastal plains (Women in World History 1). Most of the Algerians were employed in these farms as laborers. Moreover, France exercised control of public finances such as public works, education, and armed forces and security (Women in World History 1). However, there was armed resistance to the French rule based on tribes. The French armies in harsh means effectively subdued the rebellion. On the other hand, the colonial power was given voting power to elect representatives to the French legislature. Consequently, the colonial power possessed immense power and this helped in gaining enormous wealth. Additionally, most of the properties owned by the locals were confiscated both communal and private. In the year that followed, France exercised political, economic, and social dominance over Algeria and its inhabitants (Women in World History 1). This shows that imperialism helped France to develop their own ambitions and influenced wider developments. Imperialism affected countries in different ways. Imperialism helped in reviving the transport sector. This occurred as the colonizing country built roads and railways. This was meant to enhance easy movement for acquisition of raw materials. Moreover, there is an introduction of new technology, education, and improved health care (Hodgepodge 1). On the other hand, imperialism leads to negative effects. First, there was a lack of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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