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Effects of Globalization on U.S. National Security Strategy and Its Impact on Us: Middle East Relations - Research Paper Example

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Fig.1 p. 7 2 Chapter 1 Introduction 3 1.1. Background of the Study 4 1.2. Research Questions 8 1.3. Aims of the Study 8 1.4. Significance of the Research 8 1.5. Structure of the Dissertation 9 Chapter 2 Literature Review 10 2.0…
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Effects of Globalization on U.S. National Security Strategy and Its Impact on Us: Middle East Relations
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Extract of sample "Effects of Globalization on U.S. National Security Strategy and Its Impact on Us: Middle East Relations"

Download file to see previous pages This chapter is devoted to discussing the research method adopted for this research. It is significant as the research method serve as the basis upon which the study was based and conducted. Moreover, this chapter will focus on two objectives—to explicate how the data was gathered and to explain how the data was analyzed. The chapter will present how the researcher collected the data for this study. Moreover, this is necessary because it is through the presentation of the research methods that the readers may determine the credibility or reliability of the study. In this regard, this chapter will discuss the research approach, research design, and method of data analysis. 26 3.3.1. Selection Of Documents The electronic databases Academic Source Complete, Jstor, GoogleScholar, Primary Research, ERIC and History Abstracts  were searched using a combination of the following key terms: globalization, US, Middle East, security, national security, and strategy . Articles written in English and published in journals from the period of 1990 till 2011 were selected. Moreover, articles that provided a conceptual analysis of globalization, US Middle East Relationship, US, Middle East, security, and national security. ...
The reference list of the articles was searched to identify additional relevant publications. The inclusion was based on the rationale that English is one of the languages that the researcher can easily be understood without much trouble related to the rudiments of language. Moreover, since there are policies that are specifically dealing with the subject matter of the research, the time frame is from 1990 – 2012. This approach provides a reasonable limitation. Likewise, articles dealing with the conceptual analysis of the subject are included in the search. This helps in gaining conceptual clarification, which is necessary, in understanding policies pertaining to the subject matter. For the exclusion, recognizing that the topic is a modern phenomenon that is politically sensitive, the researcher opted not to include in the selection opinions, position paper, editorials, pamphlets and monographs in order to minimize the bias. 29 3.4. Justification for the Methodology Documentary research was the appropriate methodology for the research due to the following reasons: First, there are numerous existing scholarly literatures written regarding the subject matter of the study. These literatures provide the wealth of information that can remove the conceptual vagueness that may be inherent in the concepts of the subject matter of the research. This proved to be a difficulty in the conduct of the research. Since, numerous literatures and information were overwhelming. The limitations, indeed, were helpful in filtering the information gathered. 30 Summary 31 Chapter 4 Findings and Discussion 31 4.0. Introduction 31 4.1. Findings and Discussion 31 4.1.1 The Strategy 31 4.1.2. Middle East Globalization: Impact to US Relations 33 4.1.3. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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