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Name: Course: Institution: Lecturer: Date Due: Racism In the nineteenth century western civilization, widespread religious beliefs such as Christianity and political beliefs (e.g. liberalism) held that all humans are created equal. At the same time, widespread racist opinions held that some human races were intrinsically superior to others…
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Download file to see previous pages His therefore, provided a scientific basis to the claim. This may sound offensive today but, not then when it was a common knowledge, or so people were made to believe. Pearson (20-21) argues that the black race is a bad stock which he doubts can evolve to a higher type by them. He talks of a higher state of civilization which has been achieved through the struggle of race with race where the physically and mentally fitter race survives. Thus in the struggle between nations, the fit (militarily superior) always emerge victorious .This then calls for and justifies the domination of inferior races with superior ones through the use of military coercion. This sentiment is echoed by Spielvogel (520) who says that the domination is to show the strength and virility of the superior race. Putting superior and inferior races together to live in one soil according to Pearson (23) will only yield a relationship of a master and a servant or that of a slave-owner and a slave. Again, this statement not only justifies European domination over other races, but it also calls for imperialistic exploitation of the so called inferior races. It is undoubtedly true that, Pearson seemed to be glorifying violence and its application on what he termed as the inferior races. The inferior races are so unfit even to fully exploit the resources in their environment, and as such Pearson (23), calls for their expulsion out of such lands by the superior race. This idea resonates with that of other Darwinists who posit that the inferior races have demonstrated their unfitness by losing out in the socio-economic struggle, all thanks to heredity endowment (Chase et al, 581). Unfit as they are, Pearson (32) suggests that this bad stock ought not to have existed at all, and to prove their worth, they should go to new lands as miners, cowboys and storekeepers. But, he cautiously warns of the mixing of the races. Superior race must eject the inferior ones and not mix or live alongside them lest it degenerate itself (45). The call for a homogenous superior race is clearly evident in Pearson’s work as he offers this as a solution to the problem in South Africa then: All black men in the fields and mines to be replaced by whites and the Kaffir are pushed back towards the equator (50). The unhealthy social status in South Africa then was attributed to, from Pearson’s racist point of view, mixing of the bad and good stock. Gobineau, referred to as the father of racism, appears to be in concordance with Pearson in this. He argued that the intermingling of races would untimely lead to the downfall of western civilization (Chase et al., 593). In his scientific view of a nation, Pearson (46) argues that an organized whole nation is kept up to a high pitch of internal efficacy by recruiting its numbers from the better stock, and kept to a high pitch of external efficacy by war with inferior races and with equal races. The contest here is over trade routes, food supply and sources of raw materials. By this he implies that, the Europeans can use their military strength to rob Africans and other so called inferior races, and even to instill fear and submission. Consequently, the latter being weary and ‘inferior’ has to undergo immense suffering. The superiority of the Europeans gives them the privilege and right to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Racism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2)
Racism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2. https://studentshare.org/history/1476615-racism.
“Racism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1476615-racism.
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