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Science and Nazi attitudes to race - Essay Example

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When Nazi Germany is mentioned, what comes to one’s mind are the Second World War and the Holocaust. The Holocaust brings to mind the murder of six million Jews and people of other races…
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Science and Nazi attitudes to race
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Download file to see previous pages This question among other issues, led to the emergence of s discipline referred to as scientific racism. This discipline refers to the use of purported scientific principles, techniques, methods, knowledge, and theories to justify atrocities related to racism, racial inferiority or superiority and phenotype-based classification of human beings (Spiro, 2009: 45). This science exists and could still be believed and used by many racists despite the worldwide stance that racial superiority, inferiority, and differentiation are scientifically wrong (Jahoda, 1992: 23). In addition, such racial differentiation is immoral, socially unacceptable and unjust, dangerous, and unjustifiable not only in practice but also in theory (Shultz & Shultz, 2008: 18). Of all the wars fought in the first half of the 20th century, none was characterized by technological and scientific knowledge, equipment, and weapons than the Second World War (1939-1945). ...
Although the use of science in the war and other spheres of life in this period was largely welcome, science usage in other perspectives were rather controversial and were condemned across the globe (Richards, 1997: 41). The most notorious of these controversial and condemned cases was the Nazi Germany’s use of science and scientists to kills innocent civilians. Worse still, the Nazi use of science to justify its killing of six million Jews and millions of people from other inferior or desirable races has been condemned since the Holocaust occurred (Hoffman, 2005: 23). This paper explores the role played by science in Nazi’s attitudes to race with particular reference to the Nazi Holocaust in which millions of Jews were massacred. The Role of Science in the Nazi Attitudes to Race The Nazi Germany used different disciplines to further their scientific racist agendas. These disciplines include but are not limited to anthropometry, craniometry, and physical anthropology (Jackson & Weidman, 2005: 19). Using these sciences, they proposed typologies that promoted their tendencies to categorize human beings into physically distinct segments or races as inferior or inferior (Tucker, 1994: 18). Although more rampant during the WWII era, scientific racism was also experience in the New Imperial period, which ran from 1880s to 1914. In this era, scientific racism was applied by imperialist White Europeans (Furedi, 1998: 29). These practices would culminate in the 1920’s and WWII’s racial segregations and massacres respectively. After this era of heightened use of scientific racism to segregate and kill people from other races, scientific racism was entirely discredited (Furedi, 1998: 27). Since then, the discipline has been rendered obsolete ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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