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The presupposition of the democratic sort of regime is freedom (1317a40) - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Presupposition of the Democratic Sort of Regime is Freedom Aristotle’s view with regards to the relationship between freedom and virtue explains the assertion he makes that democracy acts as a deviation from polity’s correct regime…
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The presupposition of the democratic sort of regime is freedom (1317a40)
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"The presupposition of the democratic sort of regime is freedom (1317a40)"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, what is wrong with the principle that allows one to live in the custom that they desire? Indeed, this idea seems to constitute intuitively of the true definition of freedom and it does in a sense. This is because what everyone wants, on top of all else, is to be happy. Thus, every want is aimed indirectly or directly at attaining the ultimate good. What we can ascertain from this is that, in the deepest sense, what individual wants is to live a life of virtue because a virtuous life is a happy one. Aristotle starts out in Politics by discussing the origins of the city of Polisor. He seems to be clearly fascinated by this form of life that is not so old, and the possibilities that the city offers for human excellence (Aristotle et al 41). Aristotle sees it as being emergent from various natural communities such as villages and families, as well as from the relationships that are present between master and slave, parents and children, and between husband and wife. The manner in which these relationships are ordered and the communities that they are found in calls for an appropriate set of rules. Aristotle makes an argument against people who claim that every rule is the same, insisting on fundamental differences between political rules, mastery of slaves, and household management. This can be taken to indicate the basic freedom sense in Aristotle’s Politics. ...
This life lets them engage with other people who are not servants or members of their family, although they are also free. Citizens can participate in the molding of their individual futures, as well as the wellbeing and futures of their community in this life. When the city and the city’s constitution fail, then freedom is lost. Despotic rule can be considered as importation of slave domestic management mode to cities that are inhabited by nominally free people. Tyranny is explained as a form of politics that has serious flaws because of its perversions to the tyrant’s sole interests (Aristotle et al 97). Aristotle considers the two manifestations freedom as democratic freedom and as it happens in the best city possible. Aristotle devotes a lot of time in his considerations of the different types of democracy. He views democracy for its weaknesses and strengths. However, he contends that democracy is driven by freedom (Aristotle et al 101). The fact that persons learn to be governed, and how to govern, is a strong feature of democracy. Using a constitution that has its prime grounded in freedom ensures that elections are done on a majority vote basis since everyone is equal. Aristotle is quick to acknowledge that the majority will often achieve judgment that is better than would be if a few people on their own made it. A more radical form of democracy, which is not sans precedence, is whereby offices are given through lots. However, this position on democracy is not uncontested. Aristotle recognizes three human life conditions that lead to justice claims, which are virtue, wealth, and freedom. It is here that we see the differences that exist between aristocrats, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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However, many scholars define freedom as the exercise of ones whishes and actions without restriction. In this definition, culture influences the manner in which people exercise their freedom by forming general rules and directions whether consciously or unconsciously through which external pressures exert control.
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There are various types of regime changes. Regime changes can come about in three ways. The first one is the normal transition more so through elections, then secondly through coup de tat and finally through external forces Regime change in Libya since 1951 The general transition, which is characterized by democracy where by a new political regime comes into office after elections, usually involves changes in policy and ideology.
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