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Non-Democratic Regimes for Transition - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Non-Democratic Regimes for Transition,” the author tries to understand consolidation and stable democracies in the associated countries. For the non-democratic country to have a smooth transition, it is necessary to have a strong civil authority as well as a firm level of the economy…
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Non-Democratic Regimes for Transition
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Extract of sample "Non-Democratic Regimes for Transition"

Download file to see previous pages In other countries, the transition to democracy stuck and the countries reversed from becoming democrats to non-democratic countries. However, this transition and the latest setback are only temporary. It is important to consider why democracy transition countries are in trouble as well as the conditions under which democracies can function and survive best to transit become to the democratic states.
Democratization can occur anywhere even the most unexpected countries thus it is important to note though consolidation and stable democracies are hard to achieve due to ineffective governments in the associated countries. The answer to the argument that is raised above will point to essential areas needed in ensuring that the development ought to be successful. These can be described as the conditions for venturing into a stable democracy and ensuring that the development is a success. This condition includes the countries having a relatively high and stable level of the economy, having a vibrant civil society and a strong civic authority.
For the non-democratic country to have a smooth transition, it is necessary for them to have a strong civil authority as well as a firm level of the economy. These necessary conditions are characterized by the old and stable democracies that have stable democracies (Juan J Linz and Stepan, 269). However, they remain not the only things that are lacking in the most of transitioning and third wave countries. Rather, another the attributes that these states are lacking is the provision of a coherent and stable functioning state. Democratization in a country is likely to become a success when the new state regime is distinguished from the former regime.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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