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[Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Name of Course] [Date] Power and Powerlessness: Chapter Summaries This paper aims to summarize the following chapters from the book Power and Powerlessness written by John Gaventa. The overall thesis of the book is to define the power framework and the three different dimensions by application of different models…
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Summary 1
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Download file to see previous pages The author has presented the case of the economic boom and crisis through different dimensions. In simpler words, it can be said that the chapter allows the readers to evaluate variable degrees of industrial activity of the society. It should be noted that the major purpose of the author to evaluate the historical traces of industrialization in the Appalachian valley is to apply the models as an overall thesis of the book. The chapter applied the link between the theoretical implications as well as the practical industrial history of the Appalachian society. This chapter does not taken any specific lens to the study of Appalachian valley but it rather sets a background in context for the next chapters (Gaventa). This chapter can also be considered as a contextual interlude providing a strong base to the system itself as well as the power mechanism being implied in the society for industrial as well as social reform. The case of the Appalachian has been drawn in this chapter on the basis of social, economical and political basis in a precis manner. Chapter 3: The Impact of Industrial Power: The Shaping of a Company Valley As evident from the title of the chapter, it holds a strong grip of the events regarding economic activity of the Appalachian valley. ...
The concept of demand has been touched in such a manner that it mixes all the necessary economic terms to provide a connected historical strand of the society. The author has also presented the reforms that took place to regulate the economic activity. This denotes that political governance was aware of the fact that increased economic activity needed a watch dog system. It was for this reason that the political as well as ideological apparatus was set. The consensus system set as per the efficiency level of the Appalachian valley has also been discussed in the chapter. This has rather worked as a bonus subject allowing the information sharing regarding power mechanism (Gaventa). Chapter 5: Inequality and Culture in the Contemporary Valley This chapter provides a narrowed lens to look from at the cultural grounds of Appalachian valley. The author has determined many aspects and concerns regarding the social inequality which was being noted at the valley as soon as people became much aware of their abilities and the standards which made them superior to others. This clarified a very common yet transitional way of a society. The chapter also focuses on the comparison between the prior social experiences of the Appalachian society as well as the contemporary social transitions. The highlight of the chapter is the thesis regarding inequality in the society. The author has presented the material in a thought provoking manner allowing the readers to relate it. The part under review also provides neutral joints to the other societies and Appalachian society. The lawmakers and major social institutions has been addressed in this chapter which makes it much easier to note ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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