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What causes regime change - Research Paper Example

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Evidence worldwide shows that the key to economic growth and development of any country lies largely on the state of democracy. Nevertheless, establishing a democratic government has…
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What causes regime change
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Download file to see previous pages South Korea and Taiwan are some of the East Asian countries that have faced many challenges towards their democratization. In fact, South Korea and Taiwan share a lot as far as their democratization and regime changes are concerned. The aim of this document is to conduct a comparative study of the democratization of South Korean and Taiwanese political regimes.
South Korea and Taiwan are some of the East Asia countries that have come a long way in so far as establishing democratic systems are concerned. The two countries certainly share a lot in common as far as their democratic histories are concerned. For one, the two countries were once ruled by autocratic regimes that curtailed the development of democracy. Nevertheless, the two countries fought very hard by establishing democratic institutions that have made them some of the best examples of democracies in the world. Secondly, both countries achieved their democracies after successful industrialization. Both countries shared a lot in common with regards to the roles they played in post-war foreign relations. Kihl (2005) notes that both Taiwan and South Korea were once anticommunist military outposts. Additionally, both Taiwan and South Korea were once dominated by the Japanese colonialists in the pre-war era. Therefore, in the global perspective, the two countries represent the latest examples of Western European-type modernization because the social changes that resulted from industrialization finally promoted the establishment of democratic systems and institutions in them.
Although Taiwan and South Korea share a lot in common with regards to the democratization process, the two countries also differ in some areas. One area where the two countries differ is in the state of political stability. In this regard, history shows that South Korea has experienced many political changes compared to Taiwan. Some of the changes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Causes Regime Change Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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