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Chapter 9 A and B - Essay Example

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Chapter 9 A and B The area occupied by East Asia rivals many in the world. The area is among the most populated in the world with different civilization. Moreover, the economic development on its pacific mainland shores cannot be compared to any in the world…
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Chapter 9 A and B
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Extract of sample "Chapter 9 A and B"

Download file to see previous pages However, there was a remarkable transformation after the 1960’s. For example, Japan turned its World War II defeat into a stepping stone for postwar economic success (East Asia 368). In the years that followed, Japan experienced economic growth that was above that of china. Consequently, it was considered an economic engine for the world and even rivaled the United States economy. On the other hand, after 1972 china started to experience economic success. This was after it opened doors for bilateral talks with the United States. Currently, East Asia act as the most active region in the global economy, it is changing the world in different ways. On the other hand, East Asia is mainly composed of mainland in terms of total land area. However, the role played by islands and its people in forging realms regional geography has been tremendous. This region has also been dominated by conflicts of water between the mainland and the islands (East Asia 369). In fact, the Japanese and Chinese have been arguing over the ownership of islands in these waters. This is because of the vast oil deposits and the fishing grounds. Sometimes china is referred to as being East Asia. This is because it is the prominent country in this area in terms of population and has played a massive role in the world affairs (East Asia 369). However, there are other political entities in the East Asia. They include Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, and Taiwan (East Asia 369). However, Taiwan is referred as part of china while North Korea is viewed as a failed state. China has been defined by the four famous rivers system. This is in together with their basins, valleys, deltas, and estuaries. However, the most notable are the Huang He. This makes a large loop around the Ordos Desert and then flows into Bohai Gulf, and the Yangzi River (East Asia 372). This river with its tributaries forms the source of water ideal for most of the activities in the capital of china. There is also Yangzi River in the Chang Basin in china. These two rivers originate in the snowy mountains of the Qing-Hai-Xizang Plateau (East Asia 372). The other two rivers have a shorter distance. However, one of the rivers (Xi River) forms an estuary that acts as the greatest center for China globalization. Additionally, there is another river known as Liao. China, for a long time, has been controlled by dynasties. At these dynasties, China area continued to expand and at the same time decreasing. On the other hand, China had Qing Empire as the largest. However, the empire became weak at its final stage. This is because it was confronted by the imperial powers such as Europeans, Russians, and Japanese (East Asia 376). The collapse of China Empire paved way for the revolutionary China and charismatic leader named Sun Yat-sen led this (East Asia 377). The nationalistic blamed the authorities for China woes. Consequently, they attacked the emperor’s garrison all over China, and this resulted in the fall of Qing Dynasty (East Asia 378). This was followed by the formation of China Communist. Initially, the nationalist cooperated with the imperial authority. However, after Chiang Kai-shek rise to power, all the foreigners fled China. On the other hand, Japan has played a significant historical role in East Asia. Since the seventeen century, Japan policy was on isolation. In fact, contact with the outside world was of a limited nature. However, the Meiji Restoration dropped the policy. This regime ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Chapter 9 A and B Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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