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German Immigrants Contribution in Union Army During Civil War - Term Paper Example

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GERMAN IMMIGRANTS CONTRIBUTION IN UNION ARMY DURING Civil War Name Institution Date Introduction A large percentage of those who fought the American war were not Native Americans. The American war resulted in the most number of deaths ever recorded by the United States of America…
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German Immigrants Contribution in Union Army During Civil War
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"German Immigrants Contribution in Union Army During Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages Conversely, the Southerners had been a pro-slavery group. The army that was loyal to the north was referred to as the Union army, whereas, the army that was loyal to the south had been referred to as the Confederate army. The nature of the war between these two sides was such that each member of the society was to offer their services, for a charge of course, to the army allied to that region. However, it was agreed that a member could seek their replacement in the army. This was as long as they paid the person taking their place. This arrangement was significantly beneficial to the large immigrants who were seeking secure economic life and a safe place to call home. Aside from the pay, these immigrants received from the people they were replacing, they were also entitled to a salary from the army. Given this, there is no surprise that both armies were in the end characterized by an enormous number of immigrants. Germans immigrants formed a considerable percentage of these immigrants who entered the war. This paper seeks to expound on the role played specifically by these German immigrants in the American Civil War. It is imperative to mention that the analysis of the role of these immigrant soldiers will hinge on those in the Union army. This is because a majority of the German immigrants dedicated their allegiance to this side of the war. There were indeed German immigrants who went the other way. Analysis Prior to analyzing the impact of German immigrants on the American civil war, it is imperative to first expound on the factors motivating this large number of Germans into war. The first motivation was of course financial gain. An immigrant in the United States had to compete for menial work with the slaves. As such, their chances of securing gainful employment were dismal at best. This is the picture of the prospective life of an immigrant in the United States. However, enter the war and this picture transforms drastically and a ray of hope now becomes visible. The wage rate given by the two employers, that is the army and the individual they are replacing in the war is extremely higher than the immigrants could ever predict1. Given the gravity of the prospect of low living conditions that faced the immigrants; the power of this financial incentive cannot be overestimated. The second motivating factor hinges on the moral and emotional. A majority of the Germans who immigrated into America were escaping retribution for their role in the failed civil war, in Germany2. Amongst other vices, they were fighting against. This is a form of slavery in the context of the German word. Given this fact, it is no wonder they retaliated with any form of slavery that was still being practiced in the United States of America. However, it is crucial to point out that as society expects, they were some individuals who were not so appalled by this vice hence fighting for the other side, which is the pro-slavery southern side. An additional motivating factor is hinged on the fact that, via the war, the immigrants had a golden opportunity of becoming citizens of America. This was a chance very few immigrants if any, could pass. The temptation of lawfully gaining citizenship was more than the fright of demise. This is hinged on the rationale that many of these immigrants had their families to consider. As a result of the revolution of 1848, Germany had been facing both political and economic troubles3. As such, a great number of citizens opted to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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