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The Operation Desert Storm and its Impacts on the Middle East - Essay Example

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The continuous trail of Gulf War is an explosive example of certain implications of some diplomatic realities that steered the politics of the Middle East during the end of the twentieth century…
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The Operation Desert Storm and its Impacts on the Middle East
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The Operation Desert Storm and its Impacts on the Middle East

Download file to see previous pages... The entire term of the war along with the operative measures inclusive of all the technology applied in the process together was titled ‘Operation Desert Storm’ and the central figure placed as the dearest target was the leader of the mightier side. Studies have all been on for finding the real picture of the war and its motives. However, the best known result of the toughest war was seemingly a discovery of diplomatic interventions to spearhead the shuffling of the history and socio-economic definitions of the ‘oil-rich regions in the middle-east’ (Bacevich 2009, p. 106). This essay is presented with an aim to focus on the realities of the most dreadful war of the recent past and critically evaluate the political and socio-economic changes the war has thereupon imposed on the Middle East region. The storm of the rich deserts in the middle-eastern Asia started all when the Iraqi quest for expansive imperialism set surveillance over the well-filled Kuwait for its wealth and the capture of its sovereignty (Hunsberger & Finn 1997, p. 62). The seemingly tiny nation was all meant a rich resource for crude oil and natural gases, and as a result, it was not surprising that it turned out to be Iraq’s soft target by the end of 1980s (Carlson 1992). However, as references say, a war can break out between countries when one of them eyes on the other for economic, political or security concerns which generally aims at claiming the supremacy over the target nation (Karsh 1990). As such, the war of the desert was a demolitionist approach of a mightier country over a seemingly unarmed country for indirectly seizing the economic liberty of its own supporters that eventually led to the violent demonstration of power and the political unity of countries that feared equal threats as the US from Iraq (US History, n.d.). The details of the war though cannot be described in a few lines, the outbreak and the expanse of this strike was the revelation of unforeseen weapons and war tactics from all the parties involved in it. What all the history could mark eventually was the immediate ‘war-booting’ arrangements of political combinations and instantaneously changing diplomatic facets of the neighbors alongside the development of the war (Burr & Richelson 2001). In the best form of historic evaluation, it can be stated that it was a war that was centered on one man and the trials of the allies that tried to capture his kingdom - Iraq and its president Saddam Hussein. When one tries to see the Gulf War as a reflection of rivalry between two princely provinces, there ends the research for reasons or outcomes as the matter can be obviously related to egos (El-Najjar 2001). But the end of the Iraq-Kuwait war was literally the beginning of a political flu that ran its impacts through the nerves of all the parties that involved in the war. The oil-rich regions of the Middle East has always been the target of global business monitors for their abundance in resources that substantiate the growth with the demand for their products is a sure hot cake in the trade (Tetreault, n.d.). All the studies on the importance of the wealth of this region in the world politics and economy have one thing in common to refer – wars are for gains, not for losses to allies. In addition to oil, even the miniscule sample of regional and religious issues of this region was capable of attracting the economic giants of the West (Gitlin 2009, pp.17-18). The wars in general is seen by some authors as the failure of administrative system that aimed at things beyond the public welfare of the subjects where the caretakers became aimless opportunists who ran in pursuit of their regal charms by calling for the assumed security of foreign might that resultantly led to endless political instabilities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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