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Analayzing Boston Bombing - Terrorism or not terrorism - Essay Example

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Analyzing Boston Bombings - Terrorism or not terrorism? At the 117th edition of the Boston Marathon that took place in the city on April 15, 2013 two back-to-back explosions rocked the vicinity close to the finish line, causing the death of 3 innocent citizens while, wounding 282 people (Reuters)…
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Analayzing Boston Bombing - Terrorism or not terrorism
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"Analayzing Boston Bombing - Terrorism or not terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages The deceased’s younger brother, 19-year-old Dzokhar fled the scene in an illegally possessed SUV and was discovered in a severely injured state later that evening by law enforcement personnel and shifted to a medical facility in Boston. Schmitt and Schmidt reported that the wound on the suspect’s neck indicated that Dzokhar had tried to kill himself at some point during his escape from the shootout scene at Watertown. Dzokhar Tsarnaev was charged with exercising the use of a weapon of mass destruction to cause death along with initiating malevolent devastation of property. Both these charges were levied on April 22, 2013 against the suspect in relation with the Boston Marathon bombings. If the charges against the suspect are proven to be true, it is expected that he would face the death penalty. The atrocity that was committed against the people of Boston on April 15, 2013 which claimed 3 innocent lives and injured over 260 people has raised several important questions for the state, the society and concerned authorities alike. Initial reports have concluded a possible religious motivation behind the attacks, Pearson, however has reported that the bombers could have been incited to conduct the attacks due to the U.S wars against terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. Building on the aforementioned information this part of the paper will assess and analyze the event at an International System level. This discussion entails an examination of the involvement of international and external organizations or institutions that may have influenced and shaped the mindset of the suspected bombers, Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev to conduct such an atrocity as the Boston Marathon bombings. It is imperative to the discussion to outline the profile of the suspected bombers in order to explore their intentions and motivations with pertinence to the involvement of international forces and organizations. Born to Muslim parents, the suspects belong to Chechen-Avar ethnicity and their family emigrated from Kyrgyzstan in 2002. Reports on Tamerlan’s early life in the United States do not indicate any involvement or association with Islamic fundamentalism. The deceased’s educational background suggests that his failure to perform well in his studies led him to concentrate on a career in boxing (Finn). According to Waxman, Tamerlan supposedly experienced a drastic religious transformation in 2009. As suggested by the late suspect’s uncle Ruslan Tsarni in an interview, Tamerlan’s customary presence at various Islamic societies across Boston critically aided his transition towards the path of radicalization which was reflected in dramatic changes in his behavior and actions such as one incident in which the slain suspect assaulted his girlfriend and demanded that she veil herself and accept Islam (Kenner). Researchers have highlighted how accessibility to media such as videos, literature, websites and books that preach Islamic fundamentalism can immensely affect the psyche of an impressionable mind. The evidence of an influence of radical media such as the teachings of radical clerics on the psyche of Dzokhar and Tamerlan is quite evident. Fundamentalist leaders and preachers such as Osama Bin Laden have released several literature and books to incite ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analayzing Boston Bombing - Terrorism or Not Terrorism Essay.
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...household appliances and lower-power explosive resources. This massacre took away 3 lives and injured around 264 people (The Boston Globe, 2013). The bombs were responsible for creating high amount of impacts as the bombs exploded in a continuous manner for around 13 seconds in Boylston Street (The Boston Globe, 2013). Thus, the paper will highlights the concerning factors associated with the adversity of the bombings in an in-depth manner. In relation to this aspect, the paper will also represent the major factors associated with the entities that were responsible for the bombings. Correspondingly, the major objectives of the paper will...
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