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Realism and Liberalism are classical theories of International Relations. In terms of ethics, to which normative approach can t - Essay Example

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Realism and Liberalism Name: Institution: Introduction International relations are both a public policy and an academic discipline concerned with the relationship between countries. Sovereign states exist independently and semi autonomously thereby implying that such countries make their own governance decisions without interference from another foreign state…
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Realism and Liberalism are classical theories of International Relations. In terms of ethics, to which normative approach can t
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"Realism and Liberalism are classical theories of International Relations. In terms of ethics, to which normative approach can t"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, countries interact through the activities of intergovernmental organizations, international non-governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations among others. The nature of the operation of such organizations dictates that countries coexist peacefully and have a mutual understanding of the legislations of each other in order to address any form of conflict arising from the interactions through the international citizens (GRAY, 1995). Several theories explain the nature of relations between different countries often explaining the best forms of such relationships. A conducive relationship should encourage development of the different countries. Sovereignty refers to the ability of a state making its own legislations without the coercion or interference of other countries (Hutchings, 2010). One such theory is realism, the theory espouses for the truthful representation of the different countries without any attempt by the state to conceal their political, economic or social nature. Realists believe that by presenting itself factually, a country makes itself open for interpretation by others who therefore decide to conduct businesses with it regardless of its current state. Despite their autonomous states, countries depend on each other. Through trade, citizens travel from country to country thereby validating the inter country relationships. This implies that the regulations and policies in a specific country affect every citizen in the country some of who are often from other countries (NAAMAN ZAUDERER, 2010). Because of this, countries strive to develop effective working relationships with each other, the world is currently a global village and people invest in any country with a possible market for the products or services regardless of the nationality of the investor. In the event of an internal conflict for example, not only the citizens of the country are likely to suffer the consequences for some international citizens in the country may also fall victim of such squabbles and often lose their investments. For such unprecedented occurrences, countries strive to formulate effective policies to safeguard the interest of the different countries that interact on different platforms through their citizens. Such possibilities therefore validate the increasing amount of interest that the international community obtains in the event of an economic, political or social crisis in the country. Some countries forcefully intervene in creating peace in such regions as was the case in Ivory Coast, a North African state in which the incumbent presidential had forcefully clung to office despite having lost an election. Realism opposes romanticism a theory commonly applied in the early French society in the country through which its officials gave a deceptive representation of the country’s political structure to the international society thereby creating a virtual state with a different preventability from the truth. Realists revolted against the poor representation that portrayed the country as stable thereby giving the actual representation of the country. They fearlessly revealed the poor commercial policies that had resulted in acute food shortages and widespread poverty of the people while the elite political society lived of the jobless population burdened by inconsiderate tax ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Realism and Liberalism Are Classical Theories of International Essay.
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International Relations: Realism and Liberalism
...into acting in harmony with each other. As the dominance and security of a certain state depend on how much power it can exert and then expand, states are indulged in this vicious circle of power which is only in the interest of the more powerful nation. This leads to formation of allies, resentment within other states and may also give rise to pervasive problems of today’s world, such as terrorism and uprising. The aforementioned drawbacks of Realism not only impede the spread of peace through systems such as liberal democracies but also reduce the efficacy of a regime. Particularly in the context of modern International Relations a...
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Comparative Evaluation of Classical Realism and Classical Liberalism conflicts, the theory has not been able to relate that fact to the world politics as a whole. Rather, it has been associated to some parts of the world politics or some sections or groups of people. Moreover, the concept has been proved to be inconsistent since it could not explain the different terms in relation to world politics and conflicts while their meanings varied to some extents. Also, the classical realism did not efficiently consider the responsibilities of the structure of the nations involved in political activities. In other words, the primary implications of the thoughts of classical...
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Classical Liberalism protected. (Rockwell). Some provisions in the US Constitution reflect classical liberalism. The Constitution limits the actions of the government, and to an extent, reflects the Lockean perception that the state deprives the freedoms of individuals. The Constitution guarantees these rights and no individual can be deprived of them. This constitutional freedom, which is guaranteed to the fullest extent, protects the private sphere of individuals. Classical liberalism compartmentalizes social life into state and civil society, and this is clearly reflected by the US constitution. To this end, constitutional principles must be interpreted by legal...
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Liberalism and Realism - International Relations
...8 November Liberalism vs Realism Realism and Liberalism are two sides of the same coin. The paper shall compare and analyse the differencebetween realism and liberalism. In the first part of the paper we shall define and understand realism and in the second part we shall define and understand liberalism and then strike a contrast between them. Realism: “When realists observe the world system, they primarily see states struggling for power, each trying to consolidate its relative gain in a zero-sum game. The structure of the international system is thus rooted in this...
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Classical Realism
...however, can only be ensured once the States have the necessary economic and military power.( Bull, 1995), It is critical to note that classical realism does not entirely discard ethics at the international level and work on the Machiavellian assumption of everything is fair in the interests of the State. Neither it is in favor of conflict and war among the States to actually pursue the interests of the States. It simply assumes that in international relations, States should give more preference to securing their interests first. (Carr, 1946), However, this ability to take care of the self –interests of the State...
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Realism Vs. Liberalism in terms and regards of International Relations
...Realism Vs. Liberalism in Terms and Regards of International Relations Introduction: Theories are established or evolved as a way of explaining a complex and often opaque subject in a clear and useful way - when they resonate they become tools to explain and explore subjects. In these statements a look will be to set a position between the theories of realism and liberalism to examine whether liberalism provides a viable alternative to realism when looking to understand international relations. An argue will be on that...
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Realism and liberalism
...Realism and liberalism Realism is a perspective whose domination is mostly by cynics, perhaps exemplified best in the tenants of pragmatism and morality. Realists place states in a position of having to observe the action of neighbors closely to effectively trying to resolve problems without regard to the moral concerns. Realists believe that the creep of morality into the international relations handicaps in a way that they fail to cope with the new conditions. Realisms, believing it does in the political laws must also believe in the possibility of creating rational theory that helps in reflecting objective laws. They...
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Classical Realism, Neo Liberalism and Constructivism
...the various states. Conclusion In reflection of the three varying theoretical conceptualizations, both classical realism and neo-liberalism hold a course reflecting the aspects entailed in international cooperation and the significance as international relations entail. However, constructivism holds the notion of an individualistic approach from the states in the international action stage. Therefore, reflecting on these strengths of each of the theory, it is evident that neo-liberalism is much applicable in a wide perspective. The various world formulations are...
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