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How do history events lead to frequent extreme weather - Research Paper Example

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How Historical Events Lead to Extreme Weather [Surname, Name,] [Professor,] [Course,] [Date] Today attitudes towards people with different beliefs are now transformed, but the aftermath of the historical injustices committed these indigenous communities still remain the same…
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How do history events lead to frequent extreme weather
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"How do history events lead to frequent extreme weather"

Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to discuss how different historical events have contributed to the uneven extreme weather that is experienced in different parts of the world today. The first example that can prove this is the agrarian revolution that took place from the 1600s. This was a time when agriculture was getting a new face, and all businesses were revolving around agriculture1. New farming technologies had been invented, and every farmer wanted to part of the invention. It was a great revolution that affected almost all fields of life. Agricultural production increased, and there was a need to develop other sectors of the economy so that the excess food could not be a waste2. People developed the food processing industries so that food would be processed, preserved and exported to other areas, for sale. As a result, the transport industry was also developed, so that transportation from farms to factories and from the factories to the market would be easy3. By the year 1940, agriculture had taken a completely different turn4. People had graduated from simple farming to tractors and other technologies like the seed drill. Improved fertilizers were produced, which contributed greatly to agricultural production. As all this was taking place, there was a lot of pollution that was un-noticed. All the industries that were coming up were hurting the ozone layer5. They were major air and water pollutants, and this has contributed to the adverse weather changes that the world is currently experiencing. In the modern world, many scholars have been forced to set down for long hours, just to discuss about the climate changes. There are extreme weather changes, which are affecting various parts of the world. All these can be linked to the agrarian revolution in one way or another. For example, when industries were releasing carbon emissions uncontrollably, into the atmosphere, they led into the destruction of the ozone layer6. This is clear evidence that the current world is suffering a great deal because of the mistakes and events that that happened many years ago in the world’s history. Industrialization is another thing that has had very adverse effects on the weather, and climate. The first phase of industrialization was marked by a lot of changes in the world of business. The production and manufacturing industry, the processing industry, and other service industries were affected. Factories were being constructed at a very fast rate. Many products were being manufactured, and there was a need for a lot of fuel to facilitate all these processes. Electricity as scarce, and expensive to produce, as a result, many people used coal and wood as a source of fuel. Many trees were cut down in search of fuel and wood for manufacturing different items. This was one of those ties when the world experienced the highest ate of deforestation. Many trees were cut down, and a lot of initial forested and was left bare. This has had a very negative effect on weather, even up to today. One of the most important functions that trees play is that they absorb carbon dioxide from the environment, and release oxygen. Carbon dioxide cannot be absorbed from the atmosphere if trees are not available. The historical mass cutting of trees has led to a considerably low number of trees, which means that enough carbon dioxide cannot be absorbed from the environment. High concentrations of carbon dioxide lead to global ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“How Do History Events Lead to Frequent Extreme Weather Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1472324-how-do-history-events-lead-to-frequent-extreme.
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