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Is It Weird Weather or Climate Change (extreme weather) - Assignment Example

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Name Professor Course Date Is It Weird Weather or Climate Change? (Extreme weather) 2011 Missouri River floods Introduction Missouri River flooding that occurred in U.S, emanated from heavy down pour coupled with snowmelt that culminated to a national disaster ever experienced in the region…
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Is It Weird Weather or Climate Change (extreme weather)
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Download file to see previous pages The incident prompted 11,000 residents in towns that bordered the river to quit to safe places and some of their enterprises experiencing losses. The flooding also destroyed property and agriculture, which approximated to $2million. Corps and other aid agencies like FEMA intervened in containing the situation in diverse ways, which encompassed barring the public from using some bridges and roads that were not safe. Additionally, there entailed evacuation of the region’s residents to safety who resided in approximately 4,000 homes (Holbrook 18). This menace compared to other previous events that has ever occurred in the region or nearby is the worst and emanated from an altered climate, which the world is currently experiencing. Hypothesis Missouri River flooding and its adverse effects on the bordering residents is an indication of a climate change that is continuously depicting itself in anomalous incidences globally. The trend may continue to accelerate and yield to further catastrophes if human fails to alter activities that interfere with climate, for illustration, release of Greenhouse Gases to the atmosphere (Stromberg & Kuenzi 37). Hypothesis Evaluation Missouri river has tributaries that feed it and originates from the rocky mountains of Montana and Wyoming. ...
The state’s six dams due to snowmelt, which augmented water capacity, their records depicted increased rates even amid the interval months of May and June/July. Dam Previous flow Rate Previous Year Record May 1 Flow Rate 2011 May 31 Flow Rate 2011 June/July 2011 Flow Rate Gavis point 70,000 1997 45,000 77,000 160,700 Oahe 60,000 1997 30,000 86,000 160,400 Big Bed 75, 000 1997 21,300 84,000 165,000 Garrison 65,000 1975 17,500 80,500 150,000 Fort Peck 36,000 1975 7,000 9,700 66,000 Fort Randall 67,000 1997 42,500 76,600 158,000 Figure 1: Past Six Dams' Flow rates compared to 2011 May - June/July Figure 2: Annual Flow due to climate change affecting snowmelt. Retrieved from Figure 3: Augmenting water Flow rate. Retrieved from According to the data depicted in this section, the trend seems to augment with time, which results to increased anomalous incidences. These comprise floods and other related climate catastrophes triggered by increased snow melt emanating from climate destruction by Greenhouse Gases. It also indicates an altered variability with time where at some instances it is unpredictable according to the then News’ reports. Societal Relevance Discussion Environmental negative impacts normally befall society, which at many occasions may not be aware of what may culminate after certain environmental degradations (Stromberg & Kuenzi 37). This is due to ignorant and sometimes misinformations especially from the relevant authorities like the weather forecast. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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