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English Literature: Contemporary British Fiction - The rise in memory-fiction matches a rise in the suspicion of 'official histories' - Book Report/Review Example

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Holocaust as a par excellence injuring event got the present importance only at the end of 1970th years. After during a quarter of century this topic was not preferred, at the end of 1960 in Germany this theme became popular first of all in connection with such events as Euqman process in Jerusalem…
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English Literature: Contemporary British Fiction - The rise in memory-fiction matches a rise in the suspicion of official histories
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Extract of sample "English Literature: Contemporary British Fiction - The rise in memory-fiction matches a rise in the suspicion of 'official histories'"

Download file to see previous pages This is quite natural and understandable as histories are written by people, who are inevitably influenced by their background, political or cultural preferences. But witnessing such changes with so different approaches and learning the events we just can't but seek witnesses' memories to be able to make conclusions ourselves. And this couldn't but arose interest in memory-fiction, especially when it's written by such brilliant authors as Lisa Appignanesi with her "Losing the Dead" and G W Sebald with "The Emigrants".
Reading these two authors we began to think about what actually we know about Holocaust. Most of us know only the brief facts learned from the textbooks in school or university. We know that concentration camps began to be created in 1941 on the territory of Poland where it was supposed to find all Jews who had survived in Europe conquered by Germans and to kill them. By that time it had already been killed about one million of Jews. However the tactics of mass executions, famine and forced labor used before was recognized insufficiently effective. Besides, Nazis hastened to finish genocide while they have success at the front. It was urgently created (or converted) six camps of destruction: Auschwitz, Belzec, Lublin-Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka. Deportation to camps of death began in September of 1941 from German and Austrian Jews, and in summer of 1942 gas chambers began to work. "Cleaning" was held systematically: Germans "combed" Europe from Holland in the north to Greece in the south. Soviet Army was the first to understand the cruelty of Nazis. It rescued the Polish camps in winter 1944. In April of 1945 the British army rescued Jews in the camp of the North Germany. Many of prisoners from Polish camps were deported to this camp by the Nazis. For the moment of rescue many of Jews were almost dead. 2
The abovementioned facts are the general knowledge of the events of Holocaust. Lisa Appignanesi and G W Sebald help us to see more, to look deeply into the emotional experience, which fell to their or their parents' lot. In their books we can find something new for us: we would never read about that in the textbooks - the emotions and feelings of the people who managed to survive, managed to live outside the camps, the people who were forced to be cunning to save their life. But having avoided death they couldn't avoid suffering: after the war these people recognized what they did, found out what happened with their nationals and often felt contempt for themselves.
"A compassionate and intelligent memoir...Remarkable.... beautifully told and permeated with the wisdom of those who survive against all odds." (Arthur Butz, "Lisa Appignanesi with her "Losing the Dead", London 2004). These are only two out of numbers of wonderful words told about Lisa Appignanesi's "Losing the Dead". The book is a moving story about the author's parents who being Jewish managed to survive in Nazi Poland and stay alive throughout the War. The book also tells about Jews who lived outside the ghetto, and who survived because of cunning, energy, some wealth and luck, as Lisa's mother who was blonde. But the book is also the way of the author's self-discovery-a family memoir of the rites of passage of migration and growing up in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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